Aug 4, 2009

Good food and Tilac

Dear all, sorry for not updating my blog some day. I spent my weekend with Lady Honey helping her doing her video blog and have had one hard day (Tuesday) working and two tough nights (Monday and Tuesday) entertaining overseas clients. The good news is that they really like our work and not only signed for another year of services but also widen the contract to new service areas.

I was a bit nervous when going out with them Monday night. They kept on talking about tough times and we should go to cheaper places than normal to keep the costs down etc… Not good input for our Tuesday negotiations I thought. Lucky for me I was wrong. They as I said above wanted to use as much as possible of our services to reduce the effect their lower than expected sales had on their profits. Stupid of me. I should have understood.
Well Tuesday night was on me. I wanted to give them a real good time in Bangkok. We had dinner at a great outdoor restaurant on Sukhumvit Soi 11 called “Zanzibar” and we continued to Soi Cowboy where we stopped at a bar called “Tilac”. Fantastic place! Very tasteful decorations almost like being in Vegas! But best of all: they had great girls dressed in micro skirts with no underpants dancing on the guess tables. I was hanging over the table almost all the time having my nose sooo close to a girl’s pussy that I could smell it! She was obviously teasing me when she noticed how hot I got. It was actually a bit embarrassing since my guests noticed the same. The girl dragged me up on the table and danced with me. She tried to remove my blouse but I stopped her. But so what, I had a miniskirt as well and of course – no underpants! My guests didn’t say anything but I sure saw their eyes! The girl kept touching my tits and I had huge problems keeping my blouse on and I could feel my pussy juices dripping on the table. It was time for the ladies room. I climbed down trying to cover my pussy while doing it and went straight for the ladies. I didn’t bower about all the girls inside. I put a finger on my clit and rubbed it immediately and didn’t stop until I cum. I didn’t look at the girls and I didn’t register what happened around me. I was in my own world.
I noticed the girl from my table standing beside me when I came back to my full senses. She told me that she liked me and she would go home with me if I wanted. IF I WANTED? I wanted her immediately but I couldn’t! I had my guests outside and I had to find a good excuse for my behavior. I left the girl with some ideas about telling my customers about my time in hospital and no sex for several months. I didn’t have to lie. They didn’t ask me. They were fully occupied with some other girls when I came back. We stayed in the bar until they closed. My customers left with some of the girls and I took a cab back home.
I have just finished a meeting with Lady Honey where I have told her about my abuse of the rules last night (I didn’t ask for her permission to cum) and I have also presented her some ideas how I shall be punished for my abuse and other bad behavior lately. I suggested the following:

1. I shall do 20 minutes nude bodybuilding on the office exercise-machine while sitting on a vibrator

2. I shall have a micro skirt (like the girls have at Tilac) when going out dancing tonight. That will clearly display my pussy and/or ass every time I walk, sit down or dance.

3. I shall work one night at Tilac (or if they don’t accept it) my favorite club in Patpong. All money I earn must be given to the girls in the bar.

Lady Honey agreed to above. I haven’t done my nude window masturbation. I didn’t dare to start until I had asked for Lady Honey’s permission to cum. I know that I can’t do it today without getting an orgasm. I need one sooo much after last night. Lady Honey said yes and I will be in my window when you read this report (that is if you read it within an hour after I have published it).

Love Horny

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