Jun 12, 2009

June 12, 2009 - My clit was on Auction!

Dear Lady Michelle,

Here’s my report as ordered:

Hon and I flew to Hong Kong together. Both of us very lightly dressed. I had a vintage, thin, short, black Versace dress with shoulder straps and Honey had a beautiful almost see-through black dress. I didn’t use any underwear of course. My sister had a beautiful lace bra and a g-string – both fairly visible under her dress. We had both high heals and LV bags.
We had a funny and relaxed flight where we talked about how she had enjoyed taking care of me while I was sick and how hot she got when she helped me out in the office. I think we have found our new roles in life. Her fantasies are so much wilder than mine – but she doesn’t dare to live out all of them. I will perform those she doesn’t dare to do. She gives the orders and I execute ha, ha. Strange relation to have with your little sister but I’m sure we both will enjoy it.

Well we arrived and Lady Michelle and the driver were waiting for us. The three of us took place in the backseat. Did I get a chock when Honey’s first order came in the car even before we had left the airport? She told me to take of my sexy Versace dress and give it together with my bag to Lady Michelle who put the dress in my bag and went out of the car leaving the door open so all by passers could see me sitting nude inside. She took her time to but my bag in the trunk. Many, many people passed the open door while my lovely little sister kept my legs wide apart and facing the street. She wanted me on display in the airport!!!

Well nothing bad happened and Lady Michelle came back and we drove away to what I should find out being an auction where I was the only item being auctioned.
I knew the place from before. The driver didn’t park in the parking garage but right outside the restaurant. Lady Michelle told me to enter the restaurant alone – only dressed in my high heals! This was different from all other times I had been there. It was in pure daylight and it was a Friday afternoon. Many people on the street! I went out of the car. Lady Michelle closed the door and they left me standing all alone completely nude on the sidewalk!

I walked inside as soon as possible. No one to great me but loads of people. Houndreds! And huge signs welcoming everyone to an auction and betting opportunity where everything was about me!!! They could bid on the right to masturbate me and they could bet on how fast and how many times I could come during three hours. So I knew how long I had to be there: three hours! I went inside to the major dining room where one of the staff helped me on stage (as if I didn’t know where it was). One of the old women I met before told me about what was about to happen and asked if my pussy was ready for it after my surgery (someone had apparently told her). I told her that I was not allowed to have sex as in penetration but everything else should be OK.

The show started on the minute. One of the staff entered stage and introduced me to the audience and explained what they could bid and bet on.
They started the auction letting them bid on how much they wanted to pay for giving me the first, second, third and so on until the tenth orgasm!!!
As a person won the bid he/she (yes there were women as well) was invited up on stage and placed in front of a big number saying 1, 2, 3 and so on until 10.
When they had all 10 bidders for giving me an orgasm they continued with the betting:
a) How many orgasms could I get during the three hours the show should go on?
b) Which orgasm would I get the fastest, the first, the second, the third…

All persons left stage except me, the woman who should take me to my first orgasm and the staff who introduced me.
She counted down from 10 seconds before 4PM. I was sitting on a sort of Doctors chair with my legs wide spread, leaning my body slightly backwards.
The woman standing besides me was around 50. She grabbed my right nipple with her left hand as she placed her right hand on my pussy. She moved both hand simultaneously.
I got wet immediately. She felt it apparently. She put two fingers in my pussy and her thumb on my clit while she dragged my nipple hard. I was ready to cum a few minutes later.
My first orgasm was announced after 4 min and 32 seconds (the only orgasm I can remember the time on, 4,3,2 – funny).

4,32 were written on sign No 1! Second person came on stage and was asked to start as fast as possible. A young strong man: short blond hair, beard, black fancy glasses and strong shoulders. He was hot and so was I. As said above, I can’t remember how fast I cum but it didn’t even take half the time compared to my first orgasm!!! He left stage looking very happy as the audience applauded and the girl on stage wrote 1 minute something under sign number 2.

Orgasm number three, four and five were given to me by men in various ages. None of them as interesting as the first man on stage. And not much to say about my three orgasms either except for that I actually cum another three times. None of them came as fast as my second and first orgasms.

I remember number six very, very well. A girl (woman) my own age and very, very sexy. I wanted her to touch me the very same second I saw her coming up alone on stage (how could I have missed her during the bidding process?). She emanated everything I want from a woman and sex-partner: strength, determination, independence, self-consciousness, sensuality and pure hot eroticism. I didn’t want her to win the competition. I wanted her to continue caressing, rubbing, stretching my nipples and clit for as long as possible. I even wanted her to penetrate me (who cares about Doctors orders…). I told her how much I liked her and that I hoped she could continue until end of show. We agreed that I should tell her every time I was on the brink of an orgasm so she could slow down for a while. We even agreed that she should stand between my legs IF I couldn’t keep my orgasm away. She did continue for the rest of the afternoon. She was my sixth and last masturbator. But to be honest – she shouldn’t have been. I cum twice while she fingered me and I even let her finger my ass. I just wanted to feel her fingers inside. But no one noticed since she stood between my legs most of the time. She gave me a huge tongue kiss when the staff told that it was 6 PM and the show was over. She actually continued kissing me while fingering me and dragging my nipples until I cum to the rest of the audiences huge amusement.

The girl left me as the staff announced that I had cum Five times and that my fastest orgasm was the second one.

I was ordered to leave the restaurant the same why I arrived. I didn’t know what was waiting for me outside. But why should I be afraid. I knew I was in good hands – my sisters and Lady Michelle’s. I walked straight out on the street (I didn’t walk that self-conscious as I use to do – who can do that after 8 orgasms in three hours?) only wearing my high heals. I stopped on the sidewalk right outside the restaurant. Guess if people were watching me??? But as said above I knew I was in good hands and I was 100% convinced that if I just waited long enough my sister and/or Lady Michelle would arrive. I was right. The car turned around the corner. I could see a watch saying the time was 6.25. I had been standing outside on display for 20-25 minutes (I’m sooo happy I didn’t see anyone I know)!!!

Lady Michelle opened the door and let me inside. They drove me to my own apartment. They stopped right outside the entrance where Lady Michelle told me to wait outside the car while she looked for my keys and computer. She eventually gave them to me and told me that I could came to her house whenever I wanted to pick up my bag and clothes but not until I had written a report about my afternoon. The car drove away as I faced my last challenge for the day: to come inside and up to my apartment without being seen. Well I didn’t meet anyone, but I’m sure my neighbors must have seen me while I stood completely nude outside the car waiting for my keys and computer.

Love Horny