Mar 31, 2009

The longest time EVER (in my office window)!

I arrived just about 9 AM. Most staffs were already in the office.
I went straight to my room and stripped nude after having locked my door.
I went up in the window and looked for my friend on the other side of the road.
She wasn’t there.
I looked around to see if anyone else was watching me. I didn’t see any.
I pressed my body against the window while I watched the cars passing by on the road below.
It was like no one had interest in me. Everyone was occupied by their daily life and had no interest in looking up at the windows of just another office building.
The maid knocked on the door just before she grabbed the handle to open the door and serve my coffee.
I told her I was occupied and that she should come back later.

I started to rub my clit slowly as I kept pressing my tits against the warm window.
It wasn’t really fun. I needed someone to see what I was doing!
I was just about to leave the window (without having reached an orgasm) when my neighbor came out on her balcony.
I could feel the heat in my body the very same second I saw her.
It was all of a sudden exciting to be in the window.
I received my first orgasm minutes after she had entered her balcony!

She noticed that I cum and she encouraged me to continue. I did. I really wanted to please her. I decided to continue until she left her balcony.
Not the other way around (as have happened all other times).
She pushed me to do the same as yesterday: bend over with a vibe pulsating in my ass while pressing my ass against the window and fingering my pussy and clit at the same time.
The window was wet after my first orgasm. It was soaking wet after my second orgasm and it looked like it had been raining inside my office after my third orgasm!

The girl on the other side of the road didn’t leave her balcony so I continued and continued caressing and fingering myself for over an hour (actually almost two hours)!
I left the window when she indicated that she should call me (I saw her calling someone on her cell phone and she was pointing at me at the same time as I heard my office phone ringing).
She told me with her sweet voice that she had to leave but should be back tomorrow morning.

That girl knows how to give me a good start on my working day.

Love Horny

PS. I’m sure someone else must have seen what happened. I just can’t believe no one else look out of his/her window during all that time.

Mar 30, 2009

My "old" friend is back - with her friends...

I'm sooo happy. My "old friend" (read my diary in my group (Horny's Galore) on Flickr if you don't know what I'm talking about) from the other side of the road was out on her balcony this morning watching my morning masturbation. AND SHE WAS NOT ALONE! She had brought two of her girlfriends.

WOW I got sooo excited! I don't know why but I get more excited when I know someone's watching me while fingering myself. And the girls on the other side of the road didn’t disappoint! On the contrary, they showed with arms and hands how they wanted me to progress. Ha, ha, they were really naughty. They wanted me to fuck my ass! I did but I can’t cum only doing that so I used my other hand on my clit! It didn’t take long time before I cum.

My friends on the other side of the road noticed that I cum but that was not enough for them. They wanted more! And they certainly showed how they wanted it: a dildo in my ass! Lucky I had one in my bag. I left the window a few sec to get the vibe. I could see how disappointed the girls were when I left but they didn’t leave their balcony and they sure looked happier when I came back with a vibe in my hand. I switched on the vibe and inserted it slowly while being bent over with my ass pointing in their direction. I pushed my ass against the window to keep the vibe in place while I fingered my clit and pussy. It took me some time to get this second orgasm but it was worth all my efforts. It was fantastic!

I don’t think the girls noticed that I cum. They looked very sad when I rose up and stood in my full nakedness waving a farewell to them.

It’s now a few minutes since I left the window. I’m still nude when I sit behind my desk and write this report. I can still see the girls on the balcony.
I hope they understand how happy they made me.

Love Horny

Mar 29, 2009

Back home

It's funny how fast something can become a habit. My old slave master, Maitre Rem, ordered me to have sex with myself every time I was on a flight. Well I'm NOT under his orders any longer so I could of course just ignore that perpetual order - BUT I COULDN'T!

I started to rub my clit as soon as they had closed the doors! And I got my first orgasm even before we had taken off. Lucky there weren't any person sitting on the seat beside me ha, ha. I didn't cum silently!

Well as you all know it's a long flight from Europe to Bangkok. Over 10 hours so the first orgasm wasn't enough. I needed more and I got braver when they switched off the lights. I took off my pullover and opened my blouse so my tits were fully exposed. I caressed my tits and nipples with both hands. I got sooo wet. I moved one hand to my pussy and fingered myself to a second orgasm before I fell asleep (I think one of the stewardesses noticed what I was doing but she didn't say anything - except for a very nice smile and "I hope to see you soon again" when I left the flight).

I woke up several hours later noticing that I had lost my blanket during my sleep and my blouse was still wide open. I wondered how many of my fellow passengers had starred at my bare tits during my sleep. Well it was too late to do anything about that. I fixed my blouse before I went to the toilet. I noticed all fellow passengers looking at me while I walked the few steps. I WAS AT THAT MOMENT SURE THAT THEY ALL HAD SEEN MY TITS!

I brushed my teeth’s and went back to my seat. Only a few hours left before landing. But that was apparently a few hours too much. I needed to cum again! I covered myself with the blanket while I rubbed my clit until I received my final orgasm during the flight.

Why do I get sooo horny during flights? Has my slave training really created such a desire for sexual passions while flying?

Love Horny

PS. I took a cab straight to my office where I stripped nude as soon as I entered my room. I more or less jumped up in the window and masturbated while hoping the girl in the adjacent building should come out on her balcony and watch me. She didn't so I better continue tomorrow ha, ha

Mar 28, 2009

WOW that girl is FANTASTIC!

I went to her little shop yesterday afternoon again. And guess what happened? SHE HAD INVITED TWO OF HER (LESBIAN GIRL)FRIENDS TO TAKE ME!

They stripped me as soon as I entered the shop. They put nipple pumps on my nipples and they inserted a plug in my ass and a vibe in my pussy before they attached a clit pump on my clit. WOW WOW WOW! And they did it just a meter a way from the shop window! I noticed several persons watching what happened (even a police!). I got soooo excited.

I received my first orgasm shortly after they started the clit pump! But they didn't stop. They continued using me like their little sex pet for hours. They even let me pose in the window where they forced me to wide open my pussy so all bypassers could see my inner beauty! Just imagine how embarresed I was - but guess what? I cum BIG BIG time while doing it!

I'm leaving Scandinavia now but I do know where I will go next time I'm in Denmark!

Love Horny

Mar 27, 2009

Still in Scandinavia

I'm in Denmark now. Very different from Sweden (as I have told sooo many times before). IT'S NOT ONLY WARMER in centigrades - it's also a warmer and much, much sexier society!!!

It didn't take me many hours to find a beautiful, sexy woman who LOVED to give (and take) all that sex I've been missing in Sweden. She actually made love to me in the middle of the little (sex)shop where she work and it wasn't I who asked her! She almost raped me (if you can say that about a woman like me who sooo desperately needed sex at that time and wouldn't say NO to anyone after weeks without sex).

No one entered the shop while we had sex - but I was thinking about it all the time and that added BIG time to the excitement!

I will stay here a few more days. I'm already looking forward to a late afternoon meetng with the same girl.

Love Horny

Mar 26, 2009

In Scandinavia

Brrrr it's cold. It was - 15 C this morning! Is it strange that I play with myself all the time?
How can anyone keep warm without some good sex (I haven't found anyone to have sex with, I think sex is prohibited in Sweden, so I have to stick to my fingers).

Love Horny