Aug 8, 2009

Very, very tough weekend

Dear all,
I've had the sexual experience of my life but also one of my toughest weekends ever. You can read all about i on
Love Horny

Aug 7, 2009

My daily Blog and Diary updates!

Dear all,

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Love Horny

Aug 4, 2009

Good food and Tilac

Dear all, sorry for not updating my blog some day. I spent my weekend with Lady Honey helping her doing her video blog and have had one hard day (Tuesday) working and two tough nights (Monday and Tuesday) entertaining overseas clients. The good news is that they really like our work and not only signed for another year of services but also widen the contract to new service areas.

I was a bit nervous when going out with them Monday night. They kept on talking about tough times and we should go to cheaper places than normal to keep the costs down etc… Not good input for our Tuesday negotiations I thought. Lucky for me I was wrong. They as I said above wanted to use as much as possible of our services to reduce the effect their lower than expected sales had on their profits. Stupid of me. I should have understood.
Well Tuesday night was on me. I wanted to give them a real good time in Bangkok. We had dinner at a great outdoor restaurant on Sukhumvit Soi 11 called “Zanzibar” and we continued to Soi Cowboy where we stopped at a bar called “Tilac”. Fantastic place! Very tasteful decorations almost like being in Vegas! But best of all: they had great girls dressed in micro skirts with no underpants dancing on the guess tables. I was hanging over the table almost all the time having my nose sooo close to a girl’s pussy that I could smell it! She was obviously teasing me when she noticed how hot I got. It was actually a bit embarrassing since my guests noticed the same. The girl dragged me up on the table and danced with me. She tried to remove my blouse but I stopped her. But so what, I had a miniskirt as well and of course – no underpants! My guests didn’t say anything but I sure saw their eyes! The girl kept touching my tits and I had huge problems keeping my blouse on and I could feel my pussy juices dripping on the table. It was time for the ladies room. I climbed down trying to cover my pussy while doing it and went straight for the ladies. I didn’t bower about all the girls inside. I put a finger on my clit and rubbed it immediately and didn’t stop until I cum. I didn’t look at the girls and I didn’t register what happened around me. I was in my own world.
I noticed the girl from my table standing beside me when I came back to my full senses. She told me that she liked me and she would go home with me if I wanted. IF I WANTED? I wanted her immediately but I couldn’t! I had my guests outside and I had to find a good excuse for my behavior. I left the girl with some ideas about telling my customers about my time in hospital and no sex for several months. I didn’t have to lie. They didn’t ask me. They were fully occupied with some other girls when I came back. We stayed in the bar until they closed. My customers left with some of the girls and I took a cab back home.
I have just finished a meeting with Lady Honey where I have told her about my abuse of the rules last night (I didn’t ask for her permission to cum) and I have also presented her some ideas how I shall be punished for my abuse and other bad behavior lately. I suggested the following:

1. I shall do 20 minutes nude bodybuilding on the office exercise-machine while sitting on a vibrator

2. I shall have a micro skirt (like the girls have at Tilac) when going out dancing tonight. That will clearly display my pussy and/or ass every time I walk, sit down or dance.

3. I shall work one night at Tilac (or if they don’t accept it) my favorite club in Patpong. All money I earn must be given to the girls in the bar.

Lady Honey agreed to above. I haven’t done my nude window masturbation. I didn’t dare to start until I had asked for Lady Honey’s permission to cum. I know that I can’t do it today without getting an orgasm. I need one sooo much after last night. Lady Honey said yes and I will be in my window when you read this report (that is if you read it within an hour after I have published it).

Love Horny

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Jul 29, 2009

Tough day in the office!

Wednesday was a very tough day in the office. Much work and on top of that all the work with fixing my website as ordered (I have now fixed the blog and diary, I’m cropping pics today to fit the format and I will fix my videos during the weekend). But worst of all: I had to run a management meeting. It’s scheduled at 11 AM every Monday but I postponed it, first from Monday to Tuesday and so from Tuesday to Wednesday. I couldn’t postpone it any longer and I didn’t know (at that time) if I would be dressed today – or still nude. Lady Honey didn’t tell me anything so I commenced with the meeting but I moved it from the meeting room it was scheduled in to my own office. Still bad! I had to sit with my tits very visible for all the managers (five persons), my sister and a secretary. I had loads of papers on my desk but they might even have seen my pussy since we have glass desks! The meeting dragged out over two hours. All the rest left for lunch after the meeting (I couldn’t as I’m sure you understand) but that was OK. I needed all the time I could get to do my work!
Lady Honey came back to my office shortly after 8 PM and asked if I wanted a lift back home! Yeppppeee! Going home. Shower! My own bed! No show! No People! All the things I was dreaming about! I took a very long cold shower before I went to bed. No TV – just straight to bed where I slept until early morning when I drove back to my office dressed as a proper business woman.
I used half an hour in my office window (only dressed in my high heals and the dog collar) as I’m told to do every morning but I didn’t cum since I was not told to and I didn’t want to call Lady Honey and ask (she’s not awake 6 O’clock unless she has a special reason). None of my neighbors noticed what I was doing (i.e. I didn’t see any of my neighbors; they might have looked behind their curtains).
I wish you all a nice working day!
Love Horny

Jul 28, 2009

Still nude in the office (haven't been home for two nights)

I had loads of work yesterday. No way could I finish it before 6! And I was happy about it! Hon couldn’t demand me to leave the office before I had finished my work (i.e. I could leave the building without being seen by staff and others). I worked without any break (I couldn’t leave my office anyhow since I was completely nude) until 8.30 when I called Hon on her mobile to ask her helping me home. She answered immediately that she was still in the office and no way would she help me home! On the contrary, she should take me to the Club again! She told me to take on my leash before she led me out to the corridor outside our office where she bound me to the banister (there’s an open space in the middle of the building stretching all the way from the basement to the ceiling meaning that everyone on the floors below and on top could see me. No way I could hide when being bound to the banister protecting people from falling down) She told me to wait there until she was finished with her office duties. She didn’t come out until 10.30! I had to stay in all my nakedness in that brightly lit corridor being viewed by everyone passing. Admitted it was late so most people had already left the building – but not all. I starred at the floor every time someone passed (or looked at me from another floor) but it didn’t work that well when the security guards stopped asking me questions on their hourly inspection. They not only asked me to leave – they demanded it! I promised the first time and I did the same the second time. I was sooo afraid they should call the police or at least the building manager. How embarrassing would that have been?
Well Hon arrived before anything really bad happened. I was very happy to leave the building even though that meant I had to go to the Club again. We arrived as you understand very late to the Club. It was completely full and a show was going on. Hon had problems finding the manager as she walked around the stage with me following in the leash. But of course, she found her eventually and I was immediately sent to my pole where they bound me again. I soon found out (when the DJ announced it) that I should do the same show as I did Sunday night. And it certainly didn’t take long time for the old man to untie my leash from the pole and lead me to his table. He told me to unzip his trousers and take out his dick. I did as told and started a hand job. He didn’t want that. He wanted a blow job but I should lie on my knees (with my ass high up in the air) on the two bar tables in front of him and I was not allowed to hold his dick with my hands (good for me since I needed my hands not to fall over when lying like that). He took so long time that I almost fainted before he cum. I could feel all my blood coming up to my head and everything was completely black when I felt his sweet sperms pumping into my mouth! Strange how good that felt. I was back to my full senses again and I liked what happened! Good I reacted like that I might just have swallowed it all if I was half unconscious. Now I managed to keep his hot, sweet sperms in my mouth until he finished and I got a chance to spit them out. I had apparently done something none of the girls had managed to do. The manager came over to the table where she told me to stay as I was (on my knees with head down and ass up) while someone arranged my favorite drink. The girl was soon back and they placed a black-so-coke in front of me while another girl inserted a firecracker in my ass. They switched off the lights in the club and I could hear a fanfare being played while they light the firecracker in my ass and cheered my success (they told me that no one had been able to make him cum while doing a blow job). Some in the audience started to sing “she’s a jolly good fellow…”. I was a bit afraid the firecracker should hurt when it came to its end but nothing happened. It was actually very exciting and my pussy was completely wet when they led me back to my pole.
I was soon picked up by a bunch of young kids who had seen me Sunday night (but never got a chance to use me). They took me to their table and ordered me to lie exactly as I had been lying on the table for the old man with that difference they wanted my ass facing their direction (head against the stage). I did as told and it didn’t go long before I realized what they wanted to do: test how much they could push into my ass and pussy at the same time. They started with a fairly thick dildo in my pussy. They removed it and inserted an even thicker. Which they removed and inserted an even thicker. They didn’t remove the third dildo (they didn’t try any more. I’m sure they would have continued if they had an even thicker). Instead they inserted the first (very wet) dildo in my ass. No problem. I could take that especially since it was drenched with all my pussy juices. They removed it and inserted the second dildo. I could take that as well and I thought it should stop there since I was sure they didn’t have any more tools. I was wrong. They had brought a garden hose which they pushed inside. And they continued to push it further and further inside until I couldn’t take it any more. I left their table (with their dildo in my pussy and the garden hose hanging out of my ass). I’ve had enough!
I managed my why almost to the ladies room when I was stopped by the manager. The boys had complaint to her and she was furious! I was ordered straight back to the boys and I didn’t dare to refuse! She gave them drinks on the house (which I had to pay) and asked them what else I could do for them. They agreed that I should give everyone a blow job while two of them moved the garden hose even further inside and they shouldn’t stop pushing the garden hose until all boys had cum. The manager gave the boys a few battles of water which she suggested them to pour inside the garden hose to make it slide easier (she was right it came much further inside than I ever thought possible). I gave the boys a blowjob one after one and I was happy they were so young. I’m sure I managed to do all seven in less than 30 minutes. But that was also long enough when one of them constantly pushed the garden hose further and further inside.
The boys didn’t remove any of their tolls. They told me they were a gift and I could keep them inside or remove them. The manager heard what they said and told me to keep them inside and let the next person remove them if he/she wanted to. They led me to my pole and bound me. Not many guests left at the Club at that time. The manager decided I should be the main attraction in the last show that night. Four of the girls (the girls who are doing the s/m shows) took care of me. They put me on the floor with wide spread legs (pussy facing the few guests). Two of the girls kept my legs in a steady grip while the third girl went down beside me and moved the dildo slowly in and out. The fourth girl who held the garden hose in her hands poured bottle after bottle of water inside the hose. I cum which I shouldn’t have done!
The lights were switched on and the show was over. It was closing time. The last guests left and most girls started to change clothes but the girls on stage stayed until the manger came on stage and asked what in hell her slave was thinking of. Who had allowed me to cum?!? She told all her staff to stay and see what happens to a bad slave. She ordered the girls on stage to move a small round plastic bathtub out on the stage and fill it with ice cubes. It was done in a few minutes and I was ordered to lie down among the ice cubes as they filled it up with cold water. They really wanted to cool me down. The bathtub wasn’t big enough for my entire body. My knees, head and tits (and stone hard nipples) was over the water. The manager thought my nipples were too erected. They should be treated as well. She told the girls to insert them in the little hole there is in the ice cubes to make them really, really cold before she warmed them up. I didn’t understand what she meant at that time but I knew it wouldn’t be nice. And it wasn’t! My nipples were sore (but still stone hard) when they removed the ice cubes. It was time for the heating process. They attached some electric wires to my nipples and switched on the electricity! AUUUUUU. That hurt more than anything I had experienced before. They switched the electricity on and off a few times until I could feel how I was sweating (strange thing to do when lying nude in an ice cold bath) and everything become black. I think I fainted.
I was still in the bath when I came back to my full senses. I didn’t feel cold. Instead I had a strange feeling of excitement. I could even feel how hot my pussy was down there in the ice cold water. I didn’t know how long time I had been away and I didn’t know if they had done something to me during that time. But I experienced a strange feeling of happiness and satisfaction. The girls, everyone in the Club, Lady Honey included, were staying around me staring at me. The manager asked if I had learned my lesson and I nodded in acceptance like a little girl.
I think everyone was happy I did. The girls wanted to go home and so did I. They told me to sand up. I did on their week legs. It was sooo hard to stand that two girls needed to hold me. They helped me down on my knees and removed the garden hose slowly from my ass (they didn’t remove the dildo from my pussy). It was so strange to feel the hose being pulled out slowly, slowly. They must have use several minutes removing it from my ass. The manager asked if I could stand up. I told her I couldn’t. She told two of her girls to get some water and soap and clean me. They cleaned my ass as deep inside they could before they removed the dildo. One of the girls cleaned the dildo and gave it to me while another girl cleaned my pussy. I was clean and allowed to leave but I couldn’t. My legs just could carry my weight. The manager had to ask the DJ (who was still there) to find some boys who could help him carrying me to the car. He was soon back with three of his friends who easily carried me out of the Club, through the restaurant (which was full of guests) and into to the car.
Lady Honey didn’t say much when she drove out of the dark alley. The only words which came over her mouth were “I’m very disappointed”. She didn’t take me home. She drove me straight to the office and told me to sleep there if I could while thinking about how a slave shall behave. She ordered me to be in the window and finger myself from sun rise until she came back to the office and told me to stop.
I didn’t sleep much. I was awake long before sun rise when I went up in the window and masturbated as ordered. Lady Honey didn’t tell me to cum and strangely enough I didn’t even though I kept rubbing my pussy from before 6 AM to 9 AM when Lady Honey came in to my office and told me to stop. Several people noticed me in the window today but not even that made me cum. It seems that I have learned to control my orgasms.
Thank you all for teaching me how to behave and control my orgasms.

Last night didn’t turn out the way I wanted!

Last night didn’t turn out the way I wanted! Lady Honey came to my office shortly after I had updated my blog. I told her that I was tired and wanted an early night. That was absolutely not something she wanted to hear about. She told me to keep my “good ideas” for myself and told me that I had to be punished for just suggesting something so stupid. I should certainly not suggest anything after work hours! She had promised some friends she should handle my life outside the office and she wouldn’t let them down she said. We should go to the Club again and I should once again be the Club in-house sex slave. And my punishment would be an early entry at the club meaning we should leave the office at a time when most office staff left!
Lady Honey came back to my office shortly after 6.30. She attached the leash to my collar and led me out through our office. Did I feel stupid? My face was red like a tomato. I tried to look down but that wasn’t good. Lady Honey ordered me to look at the staff and say “Good Bye for today”: as I always do. That was sooo bad. And it didn’t get better when we came out in the corridor heading for the elevators. People everywhere! Thinking back of it I’m really surprised that Lady Honey didn’t get shy while walking with her nude big sister in a leash. Well we eventually made it to the car. I was saved for at least 30 minutes! But the car seat wasn’t! I could feel my juices floating out of my pussy as soon as I relaxed a bit. The seat become sooo wet that it wasn’t comfortable to sit on (happy the car have leather seats).
We parked at exactly the same spot as we did Sunday night. Lady Honey led me through the restaurant (no clients at that time) and out on the street where the street merchants were building their little stands. No one had time for me. We were inside the Club a few minutes after we had left the car.
The Club Manager told Lady Honey to bind me at the same pole as Sunday night before she and Lady Honey went away to a table where they had a few drinks together. The girls arrived. Some of them went up and talked with me others just pinched my nipples and laughed. I was bound to the pole for at least 3 hours before Lady Honey came back. I needed to pee sooo much. Lady Honey asked the manager IF they should let me. The Manger had a good idea. She went over to the DJ who announced a peeing show! One of the girls, dressed in black leather with a whip in her right hand came over to me. She told me to walk on all four like a dog while she led me to the middle of the stage. The DJ said “let the dog pee!” The girl the whipped my ass gently and told me to pee using a tone she probably would use when addressing a dog. The audience laughed loudly! I was as humiliated as anyone can be but I had to follow orders and it was actually a great relief. I needed it sooo much that it didn’t matter that I soon stood with both hands and feet’s in my own warm pee. The girl led me back to my pole where another girl picked me up. She was dressed like a cleaning woman (with a bucket full of water). I was soon told to clean the floor! Down on my knees with my head close to the floor (my ass facing the audience). She made me stay like that for a very, very long time while she opened my pussy lips every now then to present my pussy for whoever wanted to stick a finger inside and feel if I as well needed to be cleaned. It made me sooo wet! I started to like it and I had to concentrate really hard on my cleaning job not to cum (Lady Honey had not admitted me to cum and no one had told me otherwise). I’m sure that stage has never been as clean as it was after I had cleaned every inch of it.
I was not sold to anyone last night. They just kept me bound to that pole. The only two times something happened was the two times they allowed me to pee. Both times the same procedure. They kept me on stage until the club closed and all girls had left. Lady Honey walked me back to the car and drove to her home. She parked the car in her parking garage and told me to stay in the car until she came back. She didn’t come back until she drove me to the office this morning!!! I haven’t had any clothes on since Sunday evening!
But I had apparently followed orders well. Lady Honey knew so well that I needed to cum. She said while we drove to the office “you did well last night so I will allowed you to get as many orgasms as you can get during one our in your office window! We arrived around 8 AM. We met many people on our way to the office. I was once again completely humiliated. Many persons who recognized us looked and small talked with Honey but no one dared to talk with me. We didn’t meet anyone in the office. We were the first two. I went straight to my office and jumped up in my window where I stood for an entire hour as ordered. All my feelings came out I cried big time while I got orgasm after orgasm! It was my best time ever in the window!
Thank you Lady Honey, Thank you Lady Michelle and Thank you Maitre Rem.

Jul 27, 2009

I got great (and much needed) orders from my master and trainer

Dear friends, I got great (and much needed) orders from my master and trainer – Matre Rem when I came back home:

“:Little slave You must continu your task: you'll do a sex show in a night bar a complete one in the bar where the girl formed you a slave show of course and every body could use you. You'll go here in leash with Lady Honey and she discuss of the price of your show and other sweet moment. You'll stay here for a week end (friday night, saturday night ... ) .... And little slave the gift for a such sex slave nights will be a new tattoo it's the price the bartender pay for a complete slave the choice of the tattoo, the place will be choose by Lady Honey ... Of course little slave, you must show this to Lady Honey ... And last point: every time you want to have pleasure (except if it's forced or during you are obliged to be a sex slave) you 'll ask, phone to lady Honey and ask if you have her authorization and if you are allowed to take pleasure like that ... She could oblige you to do an other form of pleasure and of course you apply her order Have a nice time Shorny and remember you were, you are, and you will be always and for ever be a slave Maitre Rem”
I not only had to follow my orders. I desperately wanted to do them! I called Lady Honey and told her about my orders (I read the entire mail for her). She had a leash in her hands when she arrived and I greeted her dressed in my slave collar and high heals. She attached the leash to my collar while I was still in the door. She told me to close the door behind me and leave as I was. She took me to her car and we drove away heading for the street behind Pat Pong.
We couldn’t find a parking where we use to park so we had to park at the hospital (just a few meters away). Lady Honey walked me to a Restaurant backdoor (the club back door was still blocked) and led me through the bathroom area (which was where we came in) and later through the restaurant where she told me to greet all people we passed. She took me out to the street and led me to the club entrance (passing loads of tourists and street vendors on the way). We walked up to first floor where she agreed with the Club Manager that I should be bound to one of the pools on stage while they discussed what I should do.
They let me wait and wait and wait while all the girls working in the Club watched and laughed at me. Some of them pinched and turned my nipples whenever they came close to me. The audience liked it. They applauded every time they heard me screaming!
Lady Honey came finally back to me and told me that I should work as a slave all night and that the DJ would tell the rules. He announced something like this a few seconds later: “We have Horny here tonight but she’s now a slave and should be called Shorny. She will do whatever you tell her to do. Just grab her at the pole. The only things we require are: that you don’t take her out of the club and that you bind her to the pole after you have used her”.
There was a hen party in the club. One of the girls was the first to grab me. She brought me to the maid who had a strap-on attached to her body. She told me to swallow the strap-on like a deep throat. I did my best (I’ve only managed to do that a few times before) and I GOT IT ALL DOWN! The girls were amazed (I was sure they never seen anything like that before). She removed it from my mouth and asked if I could get it as deep into my pussy as well. She pushed it to the very bottom of my pussy but it wasn’t as deep as my throat. Her friends laughed and told her to try my ass instead. She removed it from my pussy and let it enter my ass. She pushed hard. It hurt much and my muscles didn’t want to open. Her friends told me to relax. I answered they better rub my clit IF they really wanted it all the way inside. The girls were not stupid. Two of them took immediately care of my tits while another two rubbed my clit and fingered my pussy at the same time as two other girls caressed my lips and fingered my ears. I was in heaven! I could hear the girls giggling as I felt the dong sliding all the way inside. The maid moved it in and out a few times before one of the girls said “let’s try something longer”. The maid removed the strap-on from my ass before she grabbed a long double headed dildo. It was at least twice as long (but luckily thinner) as the strap-on. The two girls rubbing and fingering me stopped their good job and wide opened my pussy so the maid could let her huge dildo try my wet pussy before she let it enter my ass. They closed and wide opened my pussy over and over again as the maid moved the dildo in and out. They continued until the entire dildo was soaking wet (and I had cum twice) before the maid moved it to my ass and the two girls went back to rubbing my clit and fingering my pussy. They really wanted to see if I could take the entire two person double headed dildo in my ass. And it sure looked easy as the maid pushed half of it inside without any resistance from my ass muscles. I guess what stopped it was that I all of a sudden realized we had a huge audience (more or less everyone in the Club stood around us watching if I could take it). I got shy and tensed. But the girls wouldn’t take a failure. They wanted to see the entire dildo disappear inside my ass. All girls did their best. The two girls at my head noticed I was looking at all people around us. They understood. One of the closed my eyes and licked my eyelids at the same time as she let her fingers enter my ears slowly and the other girl at the head started to kiss me passionately. I was once again in heaven. I could at that time feel how my eyelids were licked, my ears fingered, my lips and tongue kissed, my nipples licked, my clit rubbed, my pussy fingered and a dildo moving slowly in and out of my ass – a bit longer inside each time my muscles loosened up. I screamed out loud as I cum in a fantastic orgasm at the same time as the dildo totally disappeared inside me. I almost fainted. I woke up as one of the girls led me back to my pole.
It felt strange inside but I was happy. It had been sooo good.
The next person who took advantage of me was an old man. I guess in his seventies (or even eighties). He led me back to were he always sit (normally getting a handjob by one of the girls). And this time shouldn’t be different. He took out his dick and asked me to sit down besides him. I couldn’t. It hurt too much in my ass. I asked if I could do it while standing on the floor (one huge step lover than the chair). He agreed and I did as told. He didn’t cum easily. I did it fast, I did it slow. I did it hard and I did it sweet. Nothing helped. I asked him if he wanted to fuck me if I could lean over the table. He agreed and I managed to lie flat on my stomach over two bar tables. His dick wasn’t that hard. It was of some reason really, really hard for him to get t inside. It fell out over and over again. But he wanted to cum and there were no problems with his determination. I accepted that it had to take its time. And it wasn’t that bad (even though his dick wasn’t really hard). It was like I still had something in my ass which made my excitement great even though my pussy didn’t get what it needed for an orgasm. Well he cum finally and that was, believe it or not, after he had given me an orgasm (I was sooo surprised, I never thought an old man like that would be able to make me cum). I thought he did something to my ass which enhanced my feelings (I didn’t know better at that time). And he was sooo thoughtful (old men really think of women in a protective way): he removed his dick from my pussy just before he cum and let his sperms hit my back. He couldn’t walk that well so one of the club girls led me back and bound me to the pole at the same time as the DJ announced a SLAVE SHOW.
Four girls entered the stage. All completely naked. One of them brought me to the middle of the stage where she and her friends lifted me up in my legs and arms before they put me on the floor. Back down and legs high and wide spread. Two girls kept my legs in a steady grip while the other two girls went down between my legs. One of the girls put on a pair of rubber gloves (kitchen model) while the other girl wide opened my pussy. The DJ announced “ONE”. The girl with the rubber gloves inserted ONE FINGER in my pussy. The DJ announced “TWO”. The girl with the rubber gloves inserted two fingers in my pussy. It continued like that until the DJ announced “FIVE” and the girl with the gloves inserted her entire hand in my pussy! It hurt but I thought it was over so I was (at that time) quite pleased. I shouldn’t have been. The DJ announced “TEN”. And the girl with the gloves slowly inserted all five in my ass (while still having her left hand in my pussy). That hurt! But it was nothing compared to the strange feeling when she grabbed the double headed dildo (which was till inside my ass) and removed it slowly, slowly outside. That wasn’t nice (strange I didn’t realize the dildo was inside before, I guessed my muscles hurt sooo much I couldn’t feel the difference). The girl with the gloved left stage with the super long dildo in her hands (it needed to be cleaned) as the entire audience stood up and applauded! The girls bound me to the pole and left stage as all lights in the club were switched on. It was closing time.
The girls changed to their own clothes while the guests left. I was the only one being naked. Some customers came up and asked if they could bring me out. I told them to ask Lady Honey or the Club Manager. No one brought me out so I guessed Lady Honey thought I’ve had enough for an evening.
The Club Manager and Lady Honey came over to me after all girls had left. None of them talked with or to me. I heard the Manager thanking Lady Honey for a good night and she would be happy to see me doing the same performance soon again. They didn’t discuss money and I didn’t hear exactly when I should come back. Lady Honey brought me out the same way we came in only one difference, no street vendors on the street (but loads of cleaning staff instead). I was once again walked through the restaurant which at that time was completely full. It was really hard for me to walk. I sort of walked like a Cowboy. I just couldn’t put my legs together.
Lady Honey drove me home. She opened my front door (she has her own keys to the house) and let me inside.
The clock was almost 3 AM. I went to bed but I couldn’t sleep. I was on European time and I was very, very excited. I couldn’t stop thinking about my night at the club. I called Lady Honey at 5 AM and asked her for permission to cum in the office window. She agreed IF I KEPT MY COLLAR AROUND MY NECK WHILE I DROVE COMPLETELY NUDE TO THE OFFICE AND DIDN”T BRING ANY CLOTHES! I waited an hour or so to see if I got sleepy or if my need for another orgasm should disappear. It didn’t. I had to cum again and I obviously had to follow orders. I left my house with my house keys, my car keys and my computer. Nothing else.
I managed to sneak into the office without being seen by anyone. I went up in my office window as soon as I came into my room. The sun was already up. I fingered my clit hard and fast as I starred at the neighboring building. I cum once but I didn’t leave the window. I pressed my body against the window as I let the sun make me hot again. I watched all busy people on the street. It’s amazing how great it is watching busy people while standing naked in a window. They can all see me as well as I can see them – if they look in the right direction. I don’t know if anyone looked at me but just the possibility that one did was enough for making my pussy ready again. I inserted my fingers just to conclude that I was soaking wet. I let my index finger move slowly from my clit over my pussy and back to my ass. It felt sooo good. I rubbed my clit a little with one finger while I let the other index finger enter my pussy. I rubbed harder and faster as I moved my right finger to my ass. I moved it in and out for a while before I added another finger. I noticed my very lovely neighbor on her balcony. She greeted me when she noticed that I had seen her. I let yet another finger into my tensed ass. I cum again! I looked at my neighbor It was quite obvious that she had noticed my orgasm. She laughed and greeted me.
I closed my office door and went behind my desk where I have been ever since. It’s now 5.15 and I’m getting tired. I hope Lady Honey hasn’t arranged anything at the Club tonight.
Love Horny

Jul 25, 2009

Update from our two last weeks in Scandinavia

Stockholm was like the car drive up to Stockholm – beautiful but very slow, grey and booooring. I’m more and more convinced after each trip to Sweden that sex is prohibited! It’s sooo different from Denmark (and all other countries I have visited in Europe). As I said beautiful but also with great sport tournaments. I guess that’s their replacement for sex since the Swedes are very good at sport – I just wish they had used some of all that Viking energy on some fun as well…

Well we got invited to the Swedish Open in tennis. Almost back to square one (geographically). The Swedish Open is played in a small summer resort called Bastad, just on the Danish border. It was great fun most of the time but the weather wasn’t too great. And of course – No sex!, so it was great getting back to Copenhagen for a last week in Scandinavia.

And Copenhagen didn’t disappoint us. We met a lesbian couple already on the ferry between Sweden and Denmark. We stayed on the ferry for less than 30 minutes but we managed to become good friends and they invited us to their condo in the very center of Copenhagen (where we stayed until we headed back to Thailand). They were sort of strange – both of them were very dominant and wanted us both (I and Hon) as their subs.

It ended up as a mix. Hon followed their directions a few time but most of the time she joined them using me as their little pet. I think I have walked nude (and when not totally nude - being forced to flash my pussy and tits almost everywhere),

And I have been fucked like never before. In parks, on the street, in a cemetery, on the train… but most of all, I’ve been fucked all the time! From I woke up until I closed my eyes (and also after that by the way). I’ve never been fucked this much in my life! Nothing kinky just fucked and fucked and fucked…


PS. Did I tell that Honey has received an offer about doing an erotic video blog for some mobile operators. How did they find her and why did they choose her? I’m really surprised – after all, she is not that exhibitionistic. But she did surprise me when she said YES to the offer.

Jun 12, 2009

June 12, 2009 - My clit was on Auction!

Dear Lady Michelle,

Here’s my report as ordered:

Hon and I flew to Hong Kong together. Both of us very lightly dressed. I had a vintage, thin, short, black Versace dress with shoulder straps and Honey had a beautiful almost see-through black dress. I didn’t use any underwear of course. My sister had a beautiful lace bra and a g-string – both fairly visible under her dress. We had both high heals and LV bags.
We had a funny and relaxed flight where we talked about how she had enjoyed taking care of me while I was sick and how hot she got when she helped me out in the office. I think we have found our new roles in life. Her fantasies are so much wilder than mine – but she doesn’t dare to live out all of them. I will perform those she doesn’t dare to do. She gives the orders and I execute ha, ha. Strange relation to have with your little sister but I’m sure we both will enjoy it.

Well we arrived and Lady Michelle and the driver were waiting for us. The three of us took place in the backseat. Did I get a chock when Honey’s first order came in the car even before we had left the airport? She told me to take of my sexy Versace dress and give it together with my bag to Lady Michelle who put the dress in my bag and went out of the car leaving the door open so all by passers could see me sitting nude inside. She took her time to but my bag in the trunk. Many, many people passed the open door while my lovely little sister kept my legs wide apart and facing the street. She wanted me on display in the airport!!!

Well nothing bad happened and Lady Michelle came back and we drove away to what I should find out being an auction where I was the only item being auctioned.
I knew the place from before. The driver didn’t park in the parking garage but right outside the restaurant. Lady Michelle told me to enter the restaurant alone – only dressed in my high heals! This was different from all other times I had been there. It was in pure daylight and it was a Friday afternoon. Many people on the street! I went out of the car. Lady Michelle closed the door and they left me standing all alone completely nude on the sidewalk!

I walked inside as soon as possible. No one to great me but loads of people. Houndreds! And huge signs welcoming everyone to an auction and betting opportunity where everything was about me!!! They could bid on the right to masturbate me and they could bet on how fast and how many times I could come during three hours. So I knew how long I had to be there: three hours! I went inside to the major dining room where one of the staff helped me on stage (as if I didn’t know where it was). One of the old women I met before told me about what was about to happen and asked if my pussy was ready for it after my surgery (someone had apparently told her). I told her that I was not allowed to have sex as in penetration but everything else should be OK.

The show started on the minute. One of the staff entered stage and introduced me to the audience and explained what they could bid and bet on.
They started the auction letting them bid on how much they wanted to pay for giving me the first, second, third and so on until the tenth orgasm!!!
As a person won the bid he/she (yes there were women as well) was invited up on stage and placed in front of a big number saying 1, 2, 3 and so on until 10.
When they had all 10 bidders for giving me an orgasm they continued with the betting:
a) How many orgasms could I get during the three hours the show should go on?
b) Which orgasm would I get the fastest, the first, the second, the third…

All persons left stage except me, the woman who should take me to my first orgasm and the staff who introduced me.
She counted down from 10 seconds before 4PM. I was sitting on a sort of Doctors chair with my legs wide spread, leaning my body slightly backwards.
The woman standing besides me was around 50. She grabbed my right nipple with her left hand as she placed her right hand on my pussy. She moved both hand simultaneously.
I got wet immediately. She felt it apparently. She put two fingers in my pussy and her thumb on my clit while she dragged my nipple hard. I was ready to cum a few minutes later.
My first orgasm was announced after 4 min and 32 seconds (the only orgasm I can remember the time on, 4,3,2 – funny).

4,32 were written on sign No 1! Second person came on stage and was asked to start as fast as possible. A young strong man: short blond hair, beard, black fancy glasses and strong shoulders. He was hot and so was I. As said above, I can’t remember how fast I cum but it didn’t even take half the time compared to my first orgasm!!! He left stage looking very happy as the audience applauded and the girl on stage wrote 1 minute something under sign number 2.

Orgasm number three, four and five were given to me by men in various ages. None of them as interesting as the first man on stage. And not much to say about my three orgasms either except for that I actually cum another three times. None of them came as fast as my second and first orgasms.

I remember number six very, very well. A girl (woman) my own age and very, very sexy. I wanted her to touch me the very same second I saw her coming up alone on stage (how could I have missed her during the bidding process?). She emanated everything I want from a woman and sex-partner: strength, determination, independence, self-consciousness, sensuality and pure hot eroticism. I didn’t want her to win the competition. I wanted her to continue caressing, rubbing, stretching my nipples and clit for as long as possible. I even wanted her to penetrate me (who cares about Doctors orders…). I told her how much I liked her and that I hoped she could continue until end of show. We agreed that I should tell her every time I was on the brink of an orgasm so she could slow down for a while. We even agreed that she should stand between my legs IF I couldn’t keep my orgasm away. She did continue for the rest of the afternoon. She was my sixth and last masturbator. But to be honest – she shouldn’t have been. I cum twice while she fingered me and I even let her finger my ass. I just wanted to feel her fingers inside. But no one noticed since she stood between my legs most of the time. She gave me a huge tongue kiss when the staff told that it was 6 PM and the show was over. She actually continued kissing me while fingering me and dragging my nipples until I cum to the rest of the audiences huge amusement.

The girl left me as the staff announced that I had cum Five times and that my fastest orgasm was the second one.

I was ordered to leave the restaurant the same why I arrived. I didn’t know what was waiting for me outside. But why should I be afraid. I knew I was in good hands – my sisters and Lady Michelle’s. I walked straight out on the street (I didn’t walk that self-conscious as I use to do – who can do that after 8 orgasms in three hours?) only wearing my high heals. I stopped on the sidewalk right outside the restaurant. Guess if people were watching me??? But as said above I knew I was in good hands and I was 100% convinced that if I just waited long enough my sister and/or Lady Michelle would arrive. I was right. The car turned around the corner. I could see a watch saying the time was 6.25. I had been standing outside on display for 20-25 minutes (I’m sooo happy I didn’t see anyone I know)!!!

Lady Michelle opened the door and let me inside. They drove me to my own apartment. They stopped right outside the entrance where Lady Michelle told me to wait outside the car while she looked for my keys and computer. She eventually gave them to me and told me that I could came to her house whenever I wanted to pick up my bag and clothes but not until I had written a report about my afternoon. The car drove away as I faced my last challenge for the day: to come inside and up to my apartment without being seen. Well I didn’t meet anyone, but I’m sure my neighbors must have seen me while I stood completely nude outside the car waiting for my keys and computer.

Love Horny

May 10, 2009

Fantastic morning!

I went up in my office window (even though I was late at work) and masturbated like never before. Hon (my sister) came into my room while I was in the middle of my second orgasm. I asked her if she wanted to join me in the window. I didn’t expect her to say “YES” and she didn’t. But she kept on watching me until I finished cuming – and so did 4 persons in the house on the other side of the road (my old friend included).

I left the window for a short moment to discuss some business with Hon, but I didn’t dress and I didn’t wash my sweat away. I wanted more! I jumped up in the window again as soon as she left (and she didn’t close my office door). Only two persons on the other side (why should Hon interrupt? I do need all the time I can get in the window. Thursday will be my last day for a very long time!). My by now old friend waited for me and she had even brought a friend out on her balcony. I thought I had seen her before but I’m not sure. It’s not that easy to see exactly who people are on that distance.

I kept on masturbating until 11 o’clock when I had to stop for our Monday management meeting. I cum two more times! And I arrived very un-prepared to the meeting!
The meeting didn’t feel as important as my orgasms now that I only have a few days left before my surgery!

By the way, I haven’t told you about my bad news: I will leave you for some weeks.I have a problem I must fix before I can do any new sexual adventures (5 huge tumors in my uterus which must be removed by surgery including my uterus, not fun at all).Thanks for all your beautiful words and suggestions during the past 12 months.
It has been a great time and I couldn’t have done it without you!

I hope to be back in a few weeks.Love Horny

PS. I will keep writing in my diary until Thursday this week

Apr 29, 2009

Too much work!

I went up in the window this morning but I couldn't concentrate! TOO MUCH WORK. I rubbed myself to a fast (and needed) orgasm but that was it! I didn't have time (and couldn't concentrate) like I normally do. I hope I didn't loose my friends on the other side of the street (should any of you who normally watch my morning masturbation read this - PLEASE EXCUSE ME FOR MY BAD PERFORMANCE TODAY, I will back in normal form very, very soon).

Love Horny

Apr 22, 2009

Nude lunch break in my office window!

I didn’t have time for my normal morning masturbation in the window. I was late and had meetings booked from 9 AM.
I’m really fond of my morning time in the window. It has become a good habit I can’t live without.
I couldn’t concentrate the last part of the meeting so I asked my sister to take our clients for lunch.
They left I gave me the needed time to recover from my abstinences.
I locked my door and stripped nude as soon as I entered my own office.
I wrote a note in Twitter before I went up in the hot, sunny window.
A very different feeling being there for lunch.
Loads of people leaving and entering the building. I tried to see Hon and our clients without luck.
I noticed several by passers watching my way but I doubt they saw me.
It’s hard to see through the windows in bright sunshine.
No one watching me on the other side of the road. Well I couldn’t expect anything else.
How could my neighbors know that I should be in the window for lunch?
But it wasn’t bad at all. I got excited watching all the people below and seeing that some actually watched in my direction.
It only took me a few minutes to cum.

I’m now back behind my desk writing this report using one finger only – my left hand is still playing with my pussy.
I feel sooo good and relaxed.
I will be a much better business woman this afternoon.

Love Horny

Apr 21, 2009

Back at work!

I still haven’t met any of my staff but I’m ready for fight (and I will produce a little revenge on Hon by uploading some old pics of her so all the staff can see her as well when I tell them about my internet appearance).

I went up in the window this morning and it was sooo good.
The sun was warm and my body was wet and shining (I didn’t switch on the aircon when I arrived). It felt really good to touch myself.
I continued touching body much longer than I normally do. I was kneading my tits with one hand while I stretched my nipples with the other. It felt great.
I could feel how my pussy got wetter and wetter. My pussy juices started to drip between my spread legs.
I noticed my friend on the other side of the street. She was the only one watching me (at least what I could see).
I pressed my body against the hot window and moved it until the window was all wet.
I was ready to cum!
I pressed two fingers against my clit and started to move them hard and fast.
I cum seconds later!
I noticed my neighbor friend doing thumbs up. She had apparently guessed that I cum!
She raised two fingers like she was saying “please cum twice”. Sure I would.
I left the window for a sec to pick up my vibrator. I switched it on and inserted it slowly in my ass.
I pushed it in as deep as I could without touching my clit.
I let two fingers keep a constant press on the vibe while I started to rub my clit (and pussy) again.
The vibe got deeper and deeper inside me as I got more and more excited.
I kept the pressure on the vibe until it disappeared inside my ass.
I moved my left hand to my pussy. I inserted all my five fingers slowly as I rubbed my clit faster and faster.
I managed to get my entire hand inside. I moved it slowly around and in and out while I kept rubbing my clit faster and hard.
I cum again!
And I do understand that my neighbor gave me thumbs up for that orgasm. IT WAS AN EXPLOSION.
I’m still sweating after it as I sit here behind my computer and write this report.
I’m just to wet to dress. Lucky for me, it’s over 9AM and someone has switched on the aircon but I’m still sweating.
I will dress and face the staff when I have cooled down (and uploaded some pics of Hon).

Love Horny

Apr 20, 2009

Staying home today!

Still feeling bad after yesterday’s porn show for my staff – how could Hon do that to me???

My first thoughts were to leave Bangkok and fly back to Hong Kong.
But that wouldn’t work. What should I tell my parents?

I have to stay and I will have to go to work tomorrow.
Staying home makes it even worse. I’m sure all staffs having a cheap laugh on my behalf.
And I’m 100% sure they gossip more and more all the time.
Only one solution: I have to call my staff for a meeting and tell them about how I live my life.

I will update you again after my staff meeting

Love Horny

PS. I will continue being the woman I am. I’m strong and I can face the music!

Apr 19, 2009

I’ve just had my worst morning – EVER!

It actually started last Thursday when my sister brought some of my staff to a club where I did a show according to the wishes of a friend here on Flickr.
I was blindfolded so I didn’t see them but they said Good Bye when they left (and the passed so close to me that I’m sure they could have touched me).

I was too shy to face the situation last Friday.
I sneaked out of the office (only the receptionist noticed me) and left for a needed vacation in Chiang Mai.
I had two great days with sightseeing and massages.

I really felt I could face my sister and the other girls who saw me at the club when I arrived this morning.
I actually felt great when I woke up.
I didn’t want anything to change my life (especially not my little sister) so I decided to drive nude to the office (that really gives me a kick).
I was early and I managed to enter the office without being seen.
I went straight to my room.
I didn’t close my office door.

I opened my computer, checked my mail and wrote a few notes on Twitter before I went up in the window.
It felt great to be back to my normal life (masturbating in the window for my neighbors).
My neighbor friend came out on her balcony and I noticed the person behind the curtains as well.
It took me some time to cum but I enjoyed every bit of it!
My neighbor pointed at me all the time like she wanted to say something but I thought she pointed at something on my body.
I guessed she tried to tell me something about the strap on dildo with remote I used every day last week.
How stupid could I be?

The very minute I cum I heard people behind me clapping hands and screaming cum, cum, cum.
I turned around, Hon was there and so was the girls who had seen me in the club (I didn’t know it was them that time but they told me this was almost as good as the show last week).
But that was not enough; they screamed sooo loud that anyone who could enter the door did!
I guess there were 15 persons in my office before I managed to get dressed and leave!

I’m home now. I actually don’t know what to do.
Someone sent me a link to Susan Boyle on You Tube – that made me a bit happy, but still:
What shall I tell my staff?
I just don’t know what to do.
Shall I call them all for a meeting putting the cards on the table – or shall I ignore the entire situation?
I don’t know how to handle the situation!

Sorry for repeating myself.

Love Horny

Apr 9, 2009

I had to stop beside a bus! It made me so shy and embarrassed!

I just had to drive nude to my office again (it might have been my last nude drive for a while). Everything worked as the other mornings. The traffic was slow. I fingered myself as much as I could while driving but most important – I had a great time at every traffic light except the last one! As I said it worked so well all the way until the traffic lights where I’m supposed to turn left for coming up on the street where I work. I was just about to pass a bus as the lights turned red. I was in the outer line of the two turning left. And I had to stop. There was an officer watching me!

Well the officer wasn’t a big problem. He was too far away to see my nude body – but the bus passengers were not! And they were sitting so high above me that every person could see my nude body! And stupid of me – my dress was in my bag – IN THE TRUNK! I had nothing to cover me with! I just had to wait it out. Do you know how long time the lights are red in Thailand? Up to 5 minutes! I was so embarrassed I couldn’t finger myself!

It was the relief of a lifetime when the lights turned green and I could leave my embarrassment! I drove as fast as I could to my office (just a few minutes away from the traffic lights), parked the car, opened the trunk and got dressed!

I didn’t undress on the way to my office (as I use to do). Instead I made sure my office door was closed and well locked behind me before I finally sat down in my chair. I noticed my dress was sticking to my body. I took it off. My body was completely wet! And so was my pussy. Strange how this combination of being scared and thrilled turns me on. I started to finger myself without thinking of it. I didn’t realize what I was doing until I saw my friend neighbor on her balcony. It was not fair – I should be doing this in the window. I grabbed a vibrator from my bag and went up to do my show.

I don’t know what’s going in that building it seems like they all talk with each other – THERE WERE PEOPLE ON SEVEN BACONNIES starring my direction! I got sooo shy! I like to be watched but it sure felt strange being nude in front of all those neighbors! But it shouldn’t stop me! I must be tough.

I put on my best smile and inserted the vibrator in my pussy. No big deal I was so wet that it almost went inside by itself. I switched it on and forgot all the neighbors instantly! I instantly realized how much I needed to cum! I enjoyed every minute before I cum. I stayed in the window for a while (without looking in the direction of the neighboring building) slowly fingering myself after I had removed the vibrator. I felt sooo good and relaxed and I needed that after the morning drive.

I didn’t notice (or think of) my neighbors until I finally came back to my full senses. I could see many of them laughing and several pointing at my pussy as they wanted me to do more. I decided not to. I waved farewell and left the window.

My neighbor friend called before I got dressed asking why I didn’t stay longer. I told her about my morning and said that she was welcome to invite me home any time IF she wanted to see more.
Let’s see what happens.

Love Horny

Apr 8, 2009

Nude to the office - AGAIN!

I drove nude to the office this morning again. It’s sooo thrilling that I get wet just thinking of it. I didn’t get eye contact with anyone this morning and no street vendor had a look at my pussy and tits but it was good anyhow. The traffic was slow, very slow but without starts and breaks. It was the perfect rhythm for me. I managed to cum twice while I drove! Ha, ha. What a morning! And it didn’t get worse when I arrived in my office (first as always). I undressed on the way to my room and was nude long before I arrived. I went straight to the window where I soon after my arrival got yet another orgasm. I was sooo wet after having been in the window that I had to visit the ladies room and clean myself.

I went back to my room, still nude and updated my twitter. I chatted a few minutes before I went back to the window (with my office door still open). I was sooo curious to see if the person behind the curtains would be there this morning as well - and my neighbor friend of course (none of them were there when I went up in the window the first time). I knew where to look and that might be the reason why I didn’t see the two boys sitting on the roof terrace immediately (they might have been there other times as well since I never looked that direction before). They were so naughty. They kept on doing charades with their hands and arms telling me what to do and what they wanted to do (with me). I pointed at them so my neighbor friend could see what was going on (she was on her balcony) but I guess it was impossible for her to see them.

It was obvious that the boys wanted to fuck me so I gave them the second best – I fucked myself with a vibe while they watched. They mooned me and I got the message alright. They wanted me to fuck my ass as well. Well I didn’t have any more vibrators available but I remembered the fruit plate in the reception. I told them and my neighbor (and the person who don’t dare to show his/her face who at that time had crawled up behind his/her curtains again) one minute with my fingers. I run as fast as I could to the reception (my staff could arrive any minute). I grabbed a banana and an empty coke bottle and run back to my office. I closed and locked my door before I went up in the window. My audience was waiting. I inserted the coke bottle in my pussy. I moved it in and out until it was really, really wet. I moved it to my ass where I slowly pushed it half way in. I kept the bottle in place (moving it slowly in and out with my fingers) while I fucked myself with the vibrator. My pussy was sooo widened (and wet) at that time that it was hard to get an orgasm. I continued like that for at least 10 minutes before I finally cum (I hope no one in the office heard me).

My orgasm was apparently good and easy to see. Both boys were applauding and laughing and gave me thumbs up. My neighbor (who I’m sure was not aware of the other spectators) smiled and threw a kiss at me. It was the perfect start of a tough work day (I have so much I must achieve today).

Love Horny

Dear Robert (and all others)

Thanks for your mail about what I should do during my long weekend. I’m not really sure which long weekend you’re talking about (we just had a 3 day weekend and we’re getting a 5 day weekend starting Saturday this week) so I thought I should fulfill at least part of your orders when I went to work this morning.

It’s not normal for me to drive to work but I decided to do it just to fulfill part of what you asked for. I packed my dress and shoes in my bag and left my house completely naked. It’s only a 10-15 minutes walk to my office – but it is a long drive, at least 30-45 min on the busiest streets. The traffic was slow and jerky as it is every morning so I had to hold both hands on the steering wheel. I’m sorry I could only finger myself when I was waiting for red lights. The good part is that the lights are red for a very, very long time in Bangkok. I got eye contact with the driver of another car already at the first traffic light. I don’t think he noticed that I was nude (the most he could see from his angle would be the very top of my tits – if anything at all) but it was still a great thrill sitting there with a finger in my pussy and watching him. I cum before the lights turned green (and did a big mark on my seat since I didn’t have anything to clean it with).

I didn’t see him any more during my drive to the office and I didn’t make eye contact with any others either (I did my best but everyone was apparently occupied with their morning things, whatever that is when they are sitting in a car). But I did finger myself each time I was stuck at a red light. I didn’t cum any more but I was very, very close once when a young street vendor pushed his face against my door window. He certainly saw everything! My tits, my pussy and how I fingered myself! He kept on knocking on the window but I ignored him. I was too occupied by what I was doing and I didn’t want his papers. Unfortunately it turned green before I managed to cum!

I parked the car on the top floor. I was the first parking on that floor and that was my intention. I went out of my car fully naked and put on my dress and high heals before I headed for the elevators.
I was ready for a day at the office but I didn’t feel ready. I was wet and hot. I needed that orgasm I didn’t manage to get at the traffic lights.

I was the first person in the office. I stripped nude on my way to my room. I didn’t even bother about closing the door before I went up in the window and started to finger myself. I knew I was a bit early for expecting to see my neighbor on the other side of the street. But I kept watching her balcony as I fingered myself faster and harder until I finally cum! I stayed in the window for a while watching the traffic below. It took a while before I realized that the air-condition wasn’t switched on. I went out in the production room without getting dressed. It was very hot. I switched on all the air-conditions on 20 degrees and went back to my office! It would take a while before the office cooled down. I closed my door and locked it. I didn’t want to get dressed before my body was cooled down.

I went back to the window to feel the air-condition coming up between my legs (it’s in the window panels). It was such an erotic feeling. I got horny again and that was good since my office neighbor came out on her balcony greeting me with her hands. She pointed at my pussy as telling me to start masturbating. She couldn’t know that I had cum once already so I did as she ordered me to do. I guess you can imagine how hard it was to cum again (I don’t claim it was very, very hard but not that easy either). I had already received two orgasms! I could see that she liked it (taking long time). I’m sure she wants my morning show to continue for hours if possible. But she was not the only one watching me this morning! I noticed a person behind his/her curtains watching as well. That made me very, very horny and I cum shortly after I noticed that new voyeur!

I sent two hand kisses as a thank you. One in direction of my normal neighbor and one in direction of the new person. I really wanted him/her to understand that I had noticed his/her presence.
I’m sooo thrilled. I can barely wait for tomorrow morning. I really want that person to be there again and I will do everything for making him/her coming out on the balcony.

Love Horny and thanks for a good morning.

An order from one of my friends on Flickr

I received the following order from one of my friends:

“You ask a call girl to come with you. and the two of you will put on a show for the guys. She will fist your cunt and you will eat her out. All the guys form a circle around you and jerk off. She has to catch their cum in a glöass and when everyone has finished rub it into your skin.”

How could I refuse to do it? It was certainly something I never tried before.
And yesterday was the perfect day to fulfill it. I had been at home all Monday (public holiday) doing nothing. I was boooored. I needed a challenge.
It wasn’t hard to find a call girl. I just had a look in the English newspaper and did a call (actually first time in my life so it was quite a thrill in itself).
The girl arrived within an hour. I wasn’t dressed when she arrived. We had a drink together while I explained my orders (and while she explored my tits – she was completely amazed by them)
She wasn’t shy and she understood the orders perfectly – and even more important, she said she knew exactly the right place to go.

I grabbed my bag and put on a pair of high heals and a short white dress. We left in a taxi in pouring rain! We were wet before we managed to get inside the taxi.
The taxi took us to the address my new friend had told him to drive to. We left the taxi. The rain was still pouring down. The place we went to was some sort of underground club for hookers. It’s hard to scare me but I must admit I wasn’t that tough when I went down the stairs to the cellar where the club was. My entire body was visible under my wet, white dress when we opened the door! I could as well have been naked.

The place was very small and there was a boxing ring/stage in the middle of the room. There were not more than 1-2 meters between the wall and the stage. And there were loads of (drunken) men and women mingling in that little area around the stage.

My new friend knew the owner (a little fat man in his late fifties). She told him why we were there and asked if he could announce our show. She didn’t need to ask him twice. The audience screamed and applauded as we entered the stage. My new friend removed my dress and presented me all four ways for the audience before she squeezed the water from my dress all over my body. She rolled my dress together like a rope and spanked my wet ass. She turned me around and spanked my tits and pussy. The audience loved it (some of them tried to come up on stage and touch me but my new friend was good at kicking them away). She continued spanking me until the music ended and she stripped nude as well. No doubt – that was what the audience had been waiting for, seeing the two of us nude together.

She was a very small girl with a very small body. No ass and no tits. I’m sure her weight wasn’t over 35-36 kg. She had short black hair with fringe and no pussy hair. She was very cute but I wouldn’t call her sexy. Well her looks didn’t tell her true story. She was a sex maniac! She placed her pussy right in front of my mouth as she wide spread my legs and started to lick my ass. WOW that was goooood. She kept on licking my ass (without touching my pussy or clit) until I was soaking wet while I licked her pussy and clit as fast as I could hoping that she should get an orgasm before me. The girl stopped licking me and asked one of the men to enter the stage and control IF my pussy was wet enough for her arm. That man had a great day for sure. He put his fingers inside my pussy and let them move in and out according to the audiences wishes; IN and OUT, IN and OUT they couldn’t get enough. He kept going until my new friend noticed that I was about to cum! She stopped him and concluded to the audience that my pussy was ready for her arm! Everybody laughed.

She moved her body around so I couldn’t lick her any longer and started to fist me. Her fisted hand was that small that it just felt like the dickhead on a very big dick! And her arm was that small that she could push it all way to her elbow! I have never seen such an amused audience. NEVER EVER! They were in ecstasy! She moved her arm in and out, faster and faster until I couldn’t keep my orgasm away any longer. I’m sure I never been screaming more! And she didn’t stop until she was sure she had put me to my absolute limits. I was exhausted BIG TIME when she moved her pussy over my face and started to move it forward and backwards over my head. She was certainly soaking wet as well – and it didn’t go long before I had her pussy juices all over my face! She moved her pussy away from my face for a while and lifted up my head so the audience could see how I looked – THEY LOVED IT!!! She continued pushing her pussy forwards and backwards until she cum. Not as loud as me, but certainly loud enough for the audience. They screamed of happiness and horniness!

My new friend invited 10 men up on stage. She had a tough time keeping all men away who wanted to be on stage so she decided that all men who wanted to be on stage should have the chance. She told the guys to form a circle around me and jerk off while she tried to catch their cum in a bowl. I don’t think she catch even 20% of all that sperm but it didn’t matter what much since it ended up on my nude body anyhow!

She walked around the stage with the bowl over her head after all men had cum. She might have missed most of the sperm but she sure had enough in the bowl for giving me a good sperm massage. She sat down besides me and started her massage – first only using all the sperm which already was on my body. She massaged my legs, my arms and my body. She continued until all the sperm on my body was well rubbed into my skin. She didn’t touch my face, tits or pussy. She asked if any in the audience wanted to help her massaging my tits and pussy. All the girls seemed to like that. She choose a small girl and asked her to remove her clothes before started to help. The audience was in ecstasy again. They wanted to see that girl nude. They kept screaming take it off; take it off until she finally did. Her body was almost identical to my new friend’s body, small, skinny, no breasts and no ass. And lucky for me, a bald pussy!

The two girls spread most of the sperm on my tits and pussy. My new friend massaged my tits and the other girl rubbed clit, pussy and ass. I’m sure they continued rubbing me much longer than needed (I noticed them smiling to each other like they had a secret pact). My new friend did a good job with my tits (and nipples). She did it sooo well that I could have cum of that treatment only but I guess she didn’t get a chance to show her skills since the other girl was very determined that she should give me an orgasm while rubbing my clit. Of course I cum. How could I keep it? The two girls did high five before they poured the rest of the sperm all over my face and hair! My new friend massaged my face gently while the other girl made sure every part of my hair was soaked with sperm!

The show was over. My two new friends dressed while they told me to stay naked and walk to each person in the audience and say thank you for the pleasure. I did as ordered while my new friend waited on stage. She helped me to dress when I came back on stage and we left shortly after.

But the night wasn’t over. My new friend thought it was too easy just going home and have a shower. We should go to a high end bar and have some drinks first! She took me to a very popular place called Spasso. I real high society place with many foreigners as well. I could see how people watched me. Who wouldn’t! My hair was soaked with sperm and my entire smelled like hell! But worst of all, my dress was still quite transparent so I looked like an open invitation and I sure got many offers – but everyone left after a while in my company. My odor was just too bad!

We left Spasso. I paid the girl and took a cab back home – alone!
Thanks for giving me this new experience.

Love Horny

PS. I will write about this morning a bit later. Must do some work first.

Apr 6, 2009


I couldn’t sleep all night after the Friday afternoon with my neighbor and her masked friends. I wanted to show them sooo much more!
I called my neighbor early Saturday morning. I think she was a sleep but she claimed she wasn’t. Cute!
I asked if I could invite her and her friends to a club where we could dine and see how sex is performed. She didn’t believe they had clubs like that in Bangkok!
I convinced her she was wrong and insisted she and her friends should join me. She agreed and told me she should call back after she talked with her friends.

I waited hours before she called back. The waiting made me really, really hot. I couldn’t stop myself.
I inserted a vibe in my pussy and let it vibrate on slow speed while I caressed my tits and clit. I decided to bind myself. I took a long rope around my neck so I had equally long ends on each side. I let it go down between my legs so it kept the vibe inside before I bound it around my tits as hard as I could. I bound the ends to the banister between my bottom floor and first floor.

Three things happened almost simultaneously:
1. I got an orgasm at the same time as
2. my little sister came into the room, and
3. my neighbor called

What happened? Well I couldn’t do much. I had to ride out my orgasm right in front of my laughing sister who on top of that embarrassment also answered the phone and discussed with my neighbor what to do. My sister and I have very similar voices so our office neighbor never found out that it was my sister she talked with.
My sister agreed with my neighbor that I should give her and her friends a dinner at the club where I have been doing shows a few times during my slave training. But that was not enough for my sister she also told my neighbor that I would do a lesbian show at the club and IF they wanted to see it, I would also show them how to do a handjob and a blowjob!
My sister pushed for a dinner the same evening (Saturday – of course, that’s the day with most customers in the club, she really wanted to humiliate me). Lucky for me – the girls couldn’t.
So they agreed on Sunday evening.

All that happened while I cum!

I tried to loose myself from the ropes. I couldn’t. I was of course a bit weak after my orgasm but I had also tightened the ropes during my orgasm. It was impossible to loosen my ropes! I asked my sister for a pair of scissors. She refused. She wanted to have fun. She called one of her friends. Her friend arrived a few minutes later. It was a person I never seen before - A TOM BOY!
They had sooo fun watching me with the vibe still vibrating in my pussy and my tits almost blue! They touched my tits. WOW it sent vibrations throughout my body. They were sooo sensitive! The Tom put cloth pins on my nipples. That was tough. The cloth pins were really hard. I almost screamed! The Tom moved the ropes so they were outside my pussy lips before she put a cloth pin on my clit as well. I SCREAMED! She didn’t remove the pin (and my sister who watched what happened just laughed) instead I noticed her speeding up the vibe to full speed. I knew what she should do before she did it so I wasn’t surprised when she inserted the soaking wet vibe in my ass! It went in easily! She held the vibe with her fingers for a while before she put it totally inside and let it be swallowed be my ass. She removed the cloth pin from my clit and put the ropes back in its original place between my spread pussy lips before she and my sister went out to the garden.

I was alone in the room. My hands were free so it wasn’t a big match to remove the cloth pins from my nipples. That helped (even though I must admit it was a strange feeling of pleasure having those hard cloth pins placed on my nipples and clit)! I was just about to move the ropes away from my pussy (it was my intention to remove the vibe from my ass) when my sister and the Tom came back.
The Tom asked if I thought I was free to do whatever I wanted. She laughed and said that it was OK that I had removed the pins from my nipples since she wanted me to try a nipple pump (which she had in her bag). She put a lubricant on my nipples before she attached the nipple pump. She started the pump. I thought I should explode! But that was only the beginning. She had more fun in her bag: a big red vibe which she immediately inserted in my pussy. She started it and I cum (the right word to described what happened should probably be: exploded) just a few minutes later.

I couldn’t stand up any longer. My legs were too weak! And my sister could see it. She cut my ropes and let me fall to the floor!
I stayed on the floor for quite some time (with the nipple pumps and two vibes still working). I was too weak to remove anything at all.
My sister and her Tom friend had already left me and were sitting at my dining table sharing a drink when I started to untie my ropes and remove the toys.
It took some time before I managed to join them at the table!

I didn’t bother to dress. I couldn’t be more humiliated and I’m not used to be dressed when I’m at home.
The Tom boy asked if I had liked the treatment. I was too shy to answer that question in detail in front of my sister, but managed to say a “yes”.
My sister helped answering the question telling her friend everything she knew I had done during my slave training. I could see that her friend was surprised – she had a strange smile in her face like: I-will-try-to-do-the-same-to-her.

The hours went by and it got dark outside. We decided to have dinner together. The Tom boy asked if I could do her a favor. I agreed. She gave me a little vibe which she asked me to have in my pussy all night. I asked what that little thing could do and she showed me the remote control! I LOVED THE IDEA! We went to a nice restaurant were we had a few (more) drinks and a good dinner. I was prepared for the vibe to start vibrating but she never turned it on. That girl really knew how to use my expectations to build up a desire which apparently was part of her game. We continued to a disco called Bed where we had a few drinks before we hit the dance floor. I was in a close encounter with a man I don’t know when she switched it on! GOSH it was effective! I cum right in front of him!

I left the dance floor and the three of us laughed so much! It was among the funniest thing I have experienced!
We stayed a few more hours but she never switched it on again.

It was late, around 2AM and I was quite tired but my sister and her friend didn’t want to go home. We went to a new disco called Tunnel.
We had to wait to come in. She switched on the vibe again when I talked with girl who sold the entrance tickets. I couldn’t concentrate. The girl asked if something was wrong or if I had too many drinks already – they couldn’t let any drunk people inside! I did my best to concentrate while I convinced her that I was OK. It was a nightmare but I managed to get inside!
Guess if my sister and her friend were laughing when we had passed the entrance door?
I was soaking wet and were waiting for her to switch it on again every time when I danced. She never did..

We left tunnel about 5 am and took a taxi back to my house. I sat in the front seat and my sister and her friend in the back seat.
They switched on the vibe as soon as we had closed the doors. I cum in the taxi and the taxi driver got his very, very special tip ha, ha.

I slept all Sunday. Didn’t wake up until 4 PM.
My sister had arranged the dinner at 9PM. The bar my sister had invited my neighbor and her friends to is not a place where you can eat so I decided to go early and discuss with the girls what I could arrange (It was some time since I been there as well so I though I needed to explain). I arrived in the bar around 7. The girls were glad to see me but more important, the manager was happy as well. I explained to the manager what I had to do and asked if she could help me. We agreed on the same arrangement as we had during my slave training: I should be the sub in all lesbian shows that night and I should do client services – but I should give all money I earned to the other girls and I should be nude all night (except for my high heals)

The manager arranged for take away and arranged some tables so I could host my friends and so they could see the shows while I fixed my makeup and undressed.

The girls arrived 9 PM exactly! They were a bit shy and very uncomfortable seeing me naked but they relaxed after a few drinks (and a few shows).We had a very fun diner together and it was fun to see their faces. They were young as I had guessed and most of them went to university. Some of them had boyfriends and others had girl friends. They asked me during the dinner IF it was true that I should do a lesbian show (and later when they were a bit more drunk) and give handjobs and blowjobs. I told them about my slave training and that it had been part of my training so I was not a stranger to it.

The manager was nice to me, she didn’t run any lesbian shows during our dinner but it was the first show right after we had finished our food.

The dominant girl (the same as before) ordered me up on stage! She had a strapon dildo attached to her body. She told me to bend over, wide open my pussy with my hands and show it in all directions of the stage (so all customers have had a clear view of it before the show started). Some customers came close and touched it! She told me to do the same with my ass after they had seen my pussy. I did but no one put their fingers in my ass (as some of them had done in my pussy). She told me to pres my tits together and presents them to the audience and let them touch them. Most of the audience (even the girls) touched my tits. She concluded I was ready to start the show.

She pushed me down on all four. She spread my legs and caressed my pussy with whip. She pushed the whip inside my pussy. She moved it in and out until it was wet. She pressed it inside my ass! She moved it in and out of my ass until my ass was wide open. She inserted her strapon in my pussy and fucked me until I was just about to cum! She noticed my excitement, removed her dildo and slapped my ass before she inserted it in my ass instead. She fucked my ass hard and deep while she fingered my clit! She screamed whore to me as I cum! She rose up and ordered me to beg the audience for more. She presented me to all men and women in the club and she let man after man fingers my super wet pussy. She even asked the girls if they wanted to finger me (they were much, much too shy to do that in public)!
She brought me back on stage where she once again fucked me but this time while I was standing with my back against a pole. She continued until the music stopped. I didn’t cum again.

I went back to the girls and told them to follow me IF they wanted to see when I did a hand and/or blow job. I told them that I had to walk to all customers after each show and try to sell my services. I left the table (a few of the girls followed). The first man wanted a hand job. I didn’t even ask him. He asked me first. We went behind some of the sofas where I showed his huge and hard machine. I grabbed it with both hands. I started soft but he wanted it hard and fast. I told him that was the way I wanted it as well which made him putting two fingers in my pussy while I masturbated him. It wasn’t a bad deal. I did him while he did me – but I didn’t have to pay!
He sure knew how to use his fingers. I cum long before him! He whispered “I want to see you get two orgasms before I cum”. I didn’t say no! I asked him if he could hold himself until I cum. He asked me to do it slow and soft, just enough to keep his dick erected. I did as he told me while he continued fast and hard on me. It was really a great deal; the girls (I guess all of them were looking at that time) could see how I gave him a hand job while I got orgasm after orgasm and I got paid for it (good feeling even though I couldn’t keep the money). I cum again and I was loud when I cum. Some of the girls got embarrassed and left. I grabbed his dick harder and moved it as fast as I dared to. I could hear him. He continued fingering me. He rubbed my clit with his thump while he moved his entire left hand in and out of my pussy. He cum on my tits! I could see the girls watching him cum with huge eyes. That was 100% sure something they never seen before! He kissed my pussy and gave me 2000 bath almost the very same minute as I was called back on stage. It was time for my second lesbian show.

The dominant girl asked me to show my wide open pussy again. I didn’t need to use my hands – it was wide open by itself after being fisted by a huge male hand.
She didn’t know what had happened to me but I could see that she was surprised to see how wide open my pussy was. She didn‘t ask me to show my ass. She went straight to the tits part. I was once again ordered to present my tits to every person in the club. The girls were much more interested this time. They grabbed my tits and dragged my nipples. Two of them had a competition seeing who could drag my nipples most. They were sooo funny! I really like their innocence. I went back on stage and was once again fucked by the strapon while standing on my knees. I didn’t cum so she just continued until the music finished. No extra show against the pole that time.

I went back to the girls and told them that I would do my customer walk but I would only ask them for one thing – a blowjob. The girls didn’t follow me but said they would watch when they could see I had a customer.

The first table was a group of men. I asked for a drink which I got. I sat between two of them asking if they liked me on stage. They sure did. They asked if I was lesbian (hey had just arrived so they hadn’t seen me with the other customer). I told them the truth: that I’m bi and good at 69’s and blow job’s. They asked me if I didn’t like being fucked by men. I laughed and told them “of course I like it, I told you I’m bi, not lesbian”. They asked me if I could do both at the same time; getting fucked and doing a blow job. My answer? No problem!

And once again I went behind the sofas. This time with two men (their friends and all the girls watching)! One man sat down while I went down on my knees between his legs. I grabbed his dick and swallowed as much as I could of it. I let my tongue circle his dick head while I kept it tight with my lips. The other man inserted his dick in my pussy (he had taken some time to put on a condom, thanks for that). It wasn’t that easy doing a great blow job while being fucked hard from behind. But I did apparently a good job. I could feel him coming and removed his dick from my mouth the very last second. He cum all over my face! I could hear the girls giggling behind. I grabbed his dick with my hands to keep steady while his friend fucked me. I kept his dick in my hands as it got smaller and smaller until I couldn’t hold it any longer. He moved my hands to his shoulders. He grabbed my tits and rubbed my nipples while his friend kept on fucking me. He didn’t cum easy. I guessed my pussy was too big for him after having been fisted not so long time ago. I asked if he wanted to fuck me in my ass. IF he wanted (I’m not sure he had tried that before). He [pushed his dick slowly inside my ass and started to move it in and out. I could immediately hear that this was what he needed. He wasn’t selfish. He wanted apparently me to get something as well. He grabbed my clit with both hands and rubbed it fast and hard as he fucked my ass faster and faster.
This was too much for me. One man licking my lips and ears and rubbing my nipples while his friend fucked my ass and rubbed my clit. I couldn’t hold back. We cum almost simultaneously!
They gave me 5000 bath.

I was too tired to look for a new customer. I went back to table together with the girls (they kept on looking until I cum).
They had thousands of questions when we sat down. How was it getting fucked in the ass? It’s not dangerous? Does it hurt? How could I be sure the condom didn’t burst...?
I tried to answer all questions as truthfully as possible. I’m sure they had many more questions than those I answered but I was abrupt by the DJ who announced the last lesbian show for the evening.

My dominant mistress was already on stage. She asked me loudly (so everyone in the club could hear it): if I liked being fucked in my ass? I got sooo shy. It was OK with me get fucked in my ass (also for money) but I didn’t want all the others to know what I had done. And I’m sure the men who had bought me felt bad as well. I guess she is lesbian. She didn’t want to share my ass (or mouth) with others. But she was back to her professional standards right after having asked me that question. She told me to present my wide open pussy and ass to all customers (walking up to each of them, bending over and wide open my pussy and ass with both hands). I did as told. Strange, I felt much more uncomfortable doing this than giving a blow job or getting fucked! It was really embarrassing. Especially when I had to do it for each of the girls and for the DJ!

She ordered me to lean against the pole when I came back on stage. She inserted the strapon, grabbed the pole with one hand and fucked me hard! She kept on saying, “cum, cum cum your bitch”. She really wanted me to get an orgasm. She even told the DJ to continue the show. And I wanted to cum with her as well – but I couldn’t. I just had too much already by that time. I felt sorry for her when we had to leave the stage without me getting an orgasm.

The girls waited for me at the table. It was quite late and they told me they had to leave. I asked if they have had a great night and if they had learned something. All of them said it had been one of their funniest nights and that they had learned a lot. I got a kiss from each of them before they left.

I went to the manager and gave her the 7000 bath I had earned. She told me that I had done great and very few of the girls could earn the same during a night.
She gave me a very, very wet kiss with open lips. She said that I could get a job in the club whenever I wanted to.

I smiled and went over to the lesbian show girl. I asked if she wanted to follow me to the dressing room. I gave her 1000 bath and told her I was very, very pleased with the way she treated me. We started to kiss before we went down on the floor and did a great 69. It took me some time to cum. I managed to give her two orgasms before I cum myself. We sat on the floor and kissed a while before we were interrupted by the other girls. I noticed all lights were switched on. It was apparently time to go home.

Apr 3, 2009

I’m starting to love that GIRL!

She called me some hours ago and asked if I wanted to come over to her condo this afternoon.
She told me already from the start that the treatment should be the same as yesterday – but with some other friends of hers.

How could I say "NO"?

WOW! It looked like she had invited her entire school!
All girls had masks but they were not dressed for a masquerade! Some of them had school uniforms.
One of the girls (a fairly huge one) told me to strip nude and give her my clothes.
I did as asked but I was more than surprised when I noticed her throwing them out of the window!
She told me that I could leave now if I wanted – I should just open the door and go – or I could stay and continue the game with the girls
They would provide new clothes - IF I DID EVERYTHING THEY TOLD ME TO DO!

I didn’t have a choice. I agreed.
I agreed and told them I understood the rules.

First thing: all girls should touch my body and caress my lips, nipples, clit, pussy and ass.
This was easy for me. It was much harder for the girls. Many of them were really shy. Some of them just didn’t know how to touch me – not even my lips.
I wanted to help them sooo much but I was not allowed.
But the treatment wasn’t bad at all. I got sooo wet and horny that I could explode!
If just one of them had known how to rub my clit – just a few seconds would have been enough!

Second assignment: I should finger myself slowly so all of them could see how I did. I was happy when they told me.
This should be my road to an orgasm – but it wasn’t that straight.
The girls kept on stopping me as they wanted to see EXACTLY where I fingered myself and how hard I pressed. They didn’t want me to finger fast (which is what I like best). And they didn’t want me to put a finger in my ass. It was like a torture. They stopped me every time I was about to cum!
But lucky for me relief was around the corner – they had bought a Sybian! And they wanted me to sit on it as they speeded it up faster and faster.
I received my first orgasm almost immediately as they switched on the dildo!
The big girl moved up beside me and pressed me down. I shouldn’t leave before they had seen me riding it on full speed.
WOW it was fantastic. I cum three times before they told me to rise up!

I was prepared to do sooooo much more for them but hey had apparently had enough (or they were too shy to ask for more).
They gave me a nice dress and said Good Bye.

I left but had to finger myself on the way down to the street. I was sooo horny!

I hope to see my neighbor (and her friends) soon again.
It will be a loooong weekend (and Monday is public holiday). How will I survive?

Love Horny

Apr 2, 2009


This morning was different from all others – I DIDN’T GET AN ORGASM IN MY OFFICE WINDOW!
I arrived early (first day I can say I’m back on normal time after my weeks in Europe). I was the first person in the office.
I closed my door but I didn’t bother to lock it. I stripped nude and went up in the window. I knew I was early so I didn’t really expect my neighbor to see me immediately.
But she did. She came out on her balcony almost the same second as I displayed my body in the window.
I expected her to give me directions and I was not disappointed when she pointed at her phone.
She was about to give me a call.
I jumped down and waited. It felt like forever but I guess it didn’t take more than a minute before I received her call.
I was fingering myself BIG TIME while I talked with her. But the conversation didn’t turn out the way I expected.
She didn’t give me any orders at all – she told me that she had to leave for a meeting and that she was glad that I had arrived early so she could tell me.
I was really disappointed for a few seconds – until she asked me IF I wanted to see her in her apartment this afternoon.
IF I WANTED! What a question. Just asking me made me sooo wet that I almost cum!
She told me that she had a surprise for me.
We hang up and I was left with my feelings.

I really needed to cum (you can’t believe how wet I was) but I thought it was wrong to do it in the window after she had told me she couldn’t see me.
I decided to get an orgasm while watching some pic’s on the net.
I opened my Flickr account and looked at some of my friends pics.
One of them showed-off her pussy in a way that made me cum almost immediately after opening her page (I guess you know who you are – thanks for helping me).

It’s now 4.15 PM and I have just arrived back after having spent a few hours with my neighbor (and her friends).
She had arranged a surprise for me (I thought she should tell me to strip naked and masturbate on her balcony – I was so wrong).
First of all - she was not alone. Secondly: she and her friends were dressed for a masquerade (I wasn’t even sure which one was my neighbor)!
And third: they had arranged a wheel of fortune on her floor which they bound me to (widespread legs and arms) after having stripped me nude.

They turned the wheel and the one who had my pussy in front of her when it stopped could do whatever she wanted with me.
The first one wanted an orgasm so she placed her pussy right over my face and told me to lick her. Lucky me. She (and all the others) was well shaved. Not a single hair on her pussy. I liked her smell. It was the smell of a young girl. I tried to guess how old she was. I decided that she probably was a Uni student in her late teens or early twenties. She seemed a bit shy (even though I couldn’t see her face) and she certainly didn’t cum easy! But she did cum and left my face.

The wheel turned again. It stopped right between two of the girls. I thought they would turn it again but instead they decided to share me. The first one jumped up on my face (I had guessed she would) and the other went down between my legs. I couldn’t see what happened between my legs since I was fully occupied doing my work (this one had huge erotic pussy lips I really liked licking her) but she didn’t caress or rub my clit. I think she was watching how it looked like! It felt like going to a doctor exam! The one on my head asked if they should change places after she got her orgasm. I couldn’t hear an answer but they did change. The one who ha between my legs from the beginning really had a tight pussy. I had a hard time getting my tongue inside her! The good thing was that the other one not only had great pussy lips – her tongue and lips were great as well and she sure knew how to use them on my clit, pussy and ass. I cum twice before I managed to give her friend an orgasm!

They didn’t turn the wheel again. There was only one girl left.
And she didn’t want to sit on me. She wanted to fuck me! I don’t know when she put on the strap-on but she sure had one when she went down between my legs AND SHE WANTED TO USE IT HARD AND ROUGH! It was huge but she managed to get it inside my pussy before I had a chance to protest (I say thanks to the girl who gave me such a good time just before – I was still wet and my pussy was big, wide open and ready for more when the dildo was entered). She fucked me faster than any man has done and she moved her body sooo well (she managed to touch my tits every time she pushed her dildo inside – my nipples were so sensitive that each touch sent vibration throughout my body)! YES her dildo was actually TOO BIG FOR ME but I loved every minute of it! And I cum again for sure! I was screaming like a Siamese cat on heat!

I’m now back behind my desk. It wasn’t easy to walk back. My legs were shivering and my pussy hurt. But I don’t regret a second (I’m actually starring at my neighbors balcony hoping she will invite me for the night (I will not call her – I don’t want to push my luck).

Love Horny