Mar 23, 2010

March 24, 2010

5.50: Arrived in the office. Miss Honey was awake when I left. She didn't want any food but she gave me my dress orders before leaving: my dirty t-shirt from Monday (the size M which is too short to cover my ass and pussy) and no shoes. Lucky for me that I was up this early. Very few people on the street while walking the short distance to the office. It's normally only a few minutes walk but I must admit it probably took three or four time as long time as normal - it's not easy walking barefoot.

8.45: Did my morning masturbation right in front of the receptionist who had arrived early. She gave me my bag, shoes and dress and said I was allowed to take them on after I had cum. I'm sure it will be a good day.

March 23, 2010

I knocked on Miss Honey's door before getting dressed. I asked her if she wanted breakfast. That was a NO. I asked her what I should wear - she didn't answer. I took on a t-shirt dress and a nice pair of high heals before I left for the office. I was late. I didn't arrive in time (first time ever I think).

I probably needed a very good nights sleep after my great weekend. I had been dreaming about my weekend and I was in great mood! And it got even better when I opened my computer. There was a mail from my friend Erin. I love reading her mails but this one was very special. She had attached a video where I could see close up of her beautiful face and unbelievable tits! I got sooo wet. I couldn't stop my fingers from doing what they're sooo good at. I got an orgasm while sitting behind my desk. I probably moaned (I normally do) but no one said anything! I didn't stop fingering my clit after cuming. I wanted more and I got more (her video was just what I needed to get great orgasms - now I know what I shall look at when having problems cuming).

Dear Erin, thank you sooo much for a great morning!

Mar 21, 2010

Miss Honey and her friends didn't ask how I came free from my ropes. They were apparently a bit to drunk to realize I wasn't bound. They just followed me to the house where they told me to pack the car, clean the house and drive them back to Bangkok. We left Rayong 4.40 AM! I was the nude driver while the girls slept in the car.

7.00: I'm in the office. Still nude and will be so (orders) until I have done my 8.45 morning masturbation in the reception. Miss Honey woke up as we arrived in Bangkok. She ordered me to stop on one of the lower parking floors in my office building. She kicked me out of the car after having given me her keys to the office. She told me to stay nude until I had done my morning masturbation. I asked about clothes? She said: you can take a size M company t-shirt from the storage - or wait until the receptionist arrives if you dare!

9.15: I have done my morning masturbation and I cum sooo fast. I wonder if my swollen pussy (still swollen after all the ant bites) made me cum faster? Interesting thought. Well I didn't dare to wait for the receptionist and well was that since she's still not here. I actually just managed to get my orgasm and walk towards the storage room when the first staff arrived. She didn't see me but I did see her! I'm now behind my desk dressed in a size M t-shirt. It's OK as long as no one drops anything on the floor or I have to stand up.

March 21, 2010

Only a few hours sleep before Miss Honey told me to wake up and clean. Miss Honey and her friends had apparently been up all night. They went to bed after having told me what to do. The house looked like a mess! Empty bottles, cigarettes and half eaten food everywhere. It took me several hours to clean the house.
The rest of the day was very much like yesterday. I have done my show many, many times and I have licked pussies even more! I'm alone again. Miss Honey and her friends has left for dinner. Boooring. Nothing to do and I can't go to the beach! People everywhere and I have nothing to take on.

5 PM: I wrapped myself in a towel and went to the beach after having waited for Miss Honey and her friends to many hours. I knew I wasn't allowed but it was just too boring sitting in that almost empty house! I walked away from the most public part of the beach. I stripped nude and lye down on my towel in the shadow under a big tree.

I fell asleep and didn't wake up until after sunset. Miss Honey and her friends were in the house when I came back home. They actually saw me already when I walked towards them under the lights on the street. They walked towards me and we met half way between the house and the beach. Miss Honey removed my towel and spanked my back (with the towel) right in front of several other guests (people around probably thought it was a funny game we were playing!!!).

Mar 11, 2010

Horny Galore went to work with sperms in her hair!

I woke up with dry sperms all over my body, in my face and worst of all in my hair!!! I hate to wake up like this! And I was late. I didn't have time to wash my hair. I tried to comb it away without great luck. I've just had my first meeting ever with sperms in my hair. No one said anything. I hope they thought I have a crazy hairstyle!