Mar 21, 2010

Miss Honey and her friends didn't ask how I came free from my ropes. They were apparently a bit to drunk to realize I wasn't bound. They just followed me to the house where they told me to pack the car, clean the house and drive them back to Bangkok. We left Rayong 4.40 AM! I was the nude driver while the girls slept in the car.

7.00: I'm in the office. Still nude and will be so (orders) until I have done my 8.45 morning masturbation in the reception. Miss Honey woke up as we arrived in Bangkok. She ordered me to stop on one of the lower parking floors in my office building. She kicked me out of the car after having given me her keys to the office. She told me to stay nude until I had done my morning masturbation. I asked about clothes? She said: you can take a size M company t-shirt from the storage - or wait until the receptionist arrives if you dare!

9.15: I have done my morning masturbation and I cum sooo fast. I wonder if my swollen pussy (still swollen after all the ant bites) made me cum faster? Interesting thought. Well I didn't dare to wait for the receptionist and well was that since she's still not here. I actually just managed to get my orgasm and walk towards the storage room when the first staff arrived. She didn't see me but I did see her! I'm now behind my desk dressed in a size M t-shirt. It's OK as long as no one drops anything on the floor or I have to stand up.

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