Mar 23, 2010

March 23, 2010

I knocked on Miss Honey's door before getting dressed. I asked her if she wanted breakfast. That was a NO. I asked her what I should wear - she didn't answer. I took on a t-shirt dress and a nice pair of high heals before I left for the office. I was late. I didn't arrive in time (first time ever I think).

I probably needed a very good nights sleep after my great weekend. I had been dreaming about my weekend and I was in great mood! And it got even better when I opened my computer. There was a mail from my friend Erin. I love reading her mails but this one was very special. She had attached a video where I could see close up of her beautiful face and unbelievable tits! I got sooo wet. I couldn't stop my fingers from doing what they're sooo good at. I got an orgasm while sitting behind my desk. I probably moaned (I normally do) but no one said anything! I didn't stop fingering my clit after cuming. I wanted more and I got more (her video was just what I needed to get great orgasms - now I know what I shall look at when having problems cuming).

Dear Erin, thank you sooo much for a great morning!

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