Mar 31, 2009

The longest time EVER (in my office window)!

I arrived just about 9 AM. Most staffs were already in the office.
I went straight to my room and stripped nude after having locked my door.
I went up in the window and looked for my friend on the other side of the road.
She wasn’t there.
I looked around to see if anyone else was watching me. I didn’t see any.
I pressed my body against the window while I watched the cars passing by on the road below.
It was like no one had interest in me. Everyone was occupied by their daily life and had no interest in looking up at the windows of just another office building.
The maid knocked on the door just before she grabbed the handle to open the door and serve my coffee.
I told her I was occupied and that she should come back later.

I started to rub my clit slowly as I kept pressing my tits against the warm window.
It wasn’t really fun. I needed someone to see what I was doing!
I was just about to leave the window (without having reached an orgasm) when my neighbor came out on her balcony.
I could feel the heat in my body the very same second I saw her.
It was all of a sudden exciting to be in the window.
I received my first orgasm minutes after she had entered her balcony!

She noticed that I cum and she encouraged me to continue. I did. I really wanted to please her. I decided to continue until she left her balcony.
Not the other way around (as have happened all other times).
She pushed me to do the same as yesterday: bend over with a vibe pulsating in my ass while pressing my ass against the window and fingering my pussy and clit at the same time.
The window was wet after my first orgasm. It was soaking wet after my second orgasm and it looked like it had been raining inside my office after my third orgasm!

The girl on the other side of the road didn’t leave her balcony so I continued and continued caressing and fingering myself for over an hour (actually almost two hours)!
I left the window when she indicated that she should call me (I saw her calling someone on her cell phone and she was pointing at me at the same time as I heard my office phone ringing).
She told me with her sweet voice that she had to leave but should be back tomorrow morning.

That girl knows how to give me a good start on my working day.

Love Horny

PS. I’m sure someone else must have seen what happened. I just can’t believe no one else look out of his/her window during all that time.

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