Mar 30, 2009

My "old" friend is back - with her friends...

I'm sooo happy. My "old friend" (read my diary in my group (Horny's Galore) on Flickr if you don't know what I'm talking about) from the other side of the road was out on her balcony this morning watching my morning masturbation. AND SHE WAS NOT ALONE! She had brought two of her girlfriends.

WOW I got sooo excited! I don't know why but I get more excited when I know someone's watching me while fingering myself. And the girls on the other side of the road didn’t disappoint! On the contrary, they showed with arms and hands how they wanted me to progress. Ha, ha, they were really naughty. They wanted me to fuck my ass! I did but I can’t cum only doing that so I used my other hand on my clit! It didn’t take long time before I cum.

My friends on the other side of the road noticed that I cum but that was not enough for them. They wanted more! And they certainly showed how they wanted it: a dildo in my ass! Lucky I had one in my bag. I left the window a few sec to get the vibe. I could see how disappointed the girls were when I left but they didn’t leave their balcony and they sure looked happier when I came back with a vibe in my hand. I switched on the vibe and inserted it slowly while being bent over with my ass pointing in their direction. I pushed my ass against the window to keep the vibe in place while I fingered my clit and pussy. It took me some time to get this second orgasm but it was worth all my efforts. It was fantastic!

I don’t think the girls noticed that I cum. They looked very sad when I rose up and stood in my full nakedness waving a farewell to them.

It’s now a few minutes since I left the window. I’m still nude when I sit behind my desk and write this report. I can still see the girls on the balcony.
I hope they understand how happy they made me.

Love Horny

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