Mar 29, 2009

Back home

It's funny how fast something can become a habit. My old slave master, Maitre Rem, ordered me to have sex with myself every time I was on a flight. Well I'm NOT under his orders any longer so I could of course just ignore that perpetual order - BUT I COULDN'T!

I started to rub my clit as soon as they had closed the doors! And I got my first orgasm even before we had taken off. Lucky there weren't any person sitting on the seat beside me ha, ha. I didn't cum silently!

Well as you all know it's a long flight from Europe to Bangkok. Over 10 hours so the first orgasm wasn't enough. I needed more and I got braver when they switched off the lights. I took off my pullover and opened my blouse so my tits were fully exposed. I caressed my tits and nipples with both hands. I got sooo wet. I moved one hand to my pussy and fingered myself to a second orgasm before I fell asleep (I think one of the stewardesses noticed what I was doing but she didn't say anything - except for a very nice smile and "I hope to see you soon again" when I left the flight).

I woke up several hours later noticing that I had lost my blanket during my sleep and my blouse was still wide open. I wondered how many of my fellow passengers had starred at my bare tits during my sleep. Well it was too late to do anything about that. I fixed my blouse before I went to the toilet. I noticed all fellow passengers looking at me while I walked the few steps. I WAS AT THAT MOMENT SURE THAT THEY ALL HAD SEEN MY TITS!

I brushed my teeth’s and went back to my seat. Only a few hours left before landing. But that was apparently a few hours too much. I needed to cum again! I covered myself with the blanket while I rubbed my clit until I received my final orgasm during the flight.

Why do I get sooo horny during flights? Has my slave training really created such a desire for sexual passions while flying?

Love Horny

PS. I took a cab straight to my office where I stripped nude as soon as I entered my room. I more or less jumped up in the window and masturbated while hoping the girl in the adjacent building should come out on her balcony and watch me. She didn't so I better continue tomorrow ha, ha

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