Mar 27, 2009

Still in Scandinavia

I'm in Denmark now. Very different from Sweden (as I have told sooo many times before). IT'S NOT ONLY WARMER in centigrades - it's also a warmer and much, much sexier society!!!

It didn't take me many hours to find a beautiful, sexy woman who LOVED to give (and take) all that sex I've been missing in Sweden. She actually made love to me in the middle of the little (sex)shop where she work and it wasn't I who asked her! She almost raped me (if you can say that about a woman like me who sooo desperately needed sex at that time and wouldn't say NO to anyone after weeks without sex).

No one entered the shop while we had sex - but I was thinking about it all the time and that added BIG time to the excitement!

I will stay here a few more days. I'm already looking forward to a late afternoon meetng with the same girl.

Love Horny

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