Mar 28, 2009

WOW that girl is FANTASTIC!

I went to her little shop yesterday afternoon again. And guess what happened? SHE HAD INVITED TWO OF HER (LESBIAN GIRL)FRIENDS TO TAKE ME!

They stripped me as soon as I entered the shop. They put nipple pumps on my nipples and they inserted a plug in my ass and a vibe in my pussy before they attached a clit pump on my clit. WOW WOW WOW! And they did it just a meter a way from the shop window! I noticed several persons watching what happened (even a police!). I got soooo excited.

I received my first orgasm shortly after they started the clit pump! But they didn't stop. They continued using me like their little sex pet for hours. They even let me pose in the window where they forced me to wide open my pussy so all bypassers could see my inner beauty! Just imagine how embarresed I was - but guess what? I cum BIG BIG time while doing it!

I'm leaving Scandinavia now but I do know where I will go next time I'm in Denmark!

Love Horny

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