Jul 28, 2009

Last night didn’t turn out the way I wanted!

Last night didn’t turn out the way I wanted! Lady Honey came to my office shortly after I had updated my blog. I told her that I was tired and wanted an early night. That was absolutely not something she wanted to hear about. She told me to keep my “good ideas” for myself and told me that I had to be punished for just suggesting something so stupid. I should certainly not suggest anything after work hours! She had promised some friends she should handle my life outside the office and she wouldn’t let them down she said. We should go to the Club again and I should once again be the Club in-house sex slave. And my punishment would be an early entry at the club meaning we should leave the office at a time when most office staff left!
Lady Honey came back to my office shortly after 6.30. She attached the leash to my collar and led me out through our office. Did I feel stupid? My face was red like a tomato. I tried to look down but that wasn’t good. Lady Honey ordered me to look at the staff and say “Good Bye for today”: as I always do. That was sooo bad. And it didn’t get better when we came out in the corridor heading for the elevators. People everywhere! Thinking back of it I’m really surprised that Lady Honey didn’t get shy while walking with her nude big sister in a leash. Well we eventually made it to the car. I was saved for at least 30 minutes! But the car seat wasn’t! I could feel my juices floating out of my pussy as soon as I relaxed a bit. The seat become sooo wet that it wasn’t comfortable to sit on (happy the car have leather seats).
We parked at exactly the same spot as we did Sunday night. Lady Honey led me through the restaurant (no clients at that time) and out on the street where the street merchants were building their little stands. No one had time for me. We were inside the Club a few minutes after we had left the car.
The Club Manager told Lady Honey to bind me at the same pole as Sunday night before she and Lady Honey went away to a table where they had a few drinks together. The girls arrived. Some of them went up and talked with me others just pinched my nipples and laughed. I was bound to the pole for at least 3 hours before Lady Honey came back. I needed to pee sooo much. Lady Honey asked the manager IF they should let me. The Manger had a good idea. She went over to the DJ who announced a peeing show! One of the girls, dressed in black leather with a whip in her right hand came over to me. She told me to walk on all four like a dog while she led me to the middle of the stage. The DJ said “let the dog pee!” The girl the whipped my ass gently and told me to pee using a tone she probably would use when addressing a dog. The audience laughed loudly! I was as humiliated as anyone can be but I had to follow orders and it was actually a great relief. I needed it sooo much that it didn’t matter that I soon stood with both hands and feet’s in my own warm pee. The girl led me back to my pole where another girl picked me up. She was dressed like a cleaning woman (with a bucket full of water). I was soon told to clean the floor! Down on my knees with my head close to the floor (my ass facing the audience). She made me stay like that for a very, very long time while she opened my pussy lips every now then to present my pussy for whoever wanted to stick a finger inside and feel if I as well needed to be cleaned. It made me sooo wet! I started to like it and I had to concentrate really hard on my cleaning job not to cum (Lady Honey had not admitted me to cum and no one had told me otherwise). I’m sure that stage has never been as clean as it was after I had cleaned every inch of it.
I was not sold to anyone last night. They just kept me bound to that pole. The only two times something happened was the two times they allowed me to pee. Both times the same procedure. They kept me on stage until the club closed and all girls had left. Lady Honey walked me back to the car and drove to her home. She parked the car in her parking garage and told me to stay in the car until she came back. She didn’t come back until she drove me to the office this morning!!! I haven’t had any clothes on since Sunday evening!
But I had apparently followed orders well. Lady Honey knew so well that I needed to cum. She said while we drove to the office “you did well last night so I will allowed you to get as many orgasms as you can get during one our in your office window! We arrived around 8 AM. We met many people on our way to the office. I was once again completely humiliated. Many persons who recognized us looked and small talked with Honey but no one dared to talk with me. We didn’t meet anyone in the office. We were the first two. I went straight to my office and jumped up in my window where I stood for an entire hour as ordered. All my feelings came out I cried big time while I got orgasm after orgasm! It was my best time ever in the window!
Thank you Lady Honey, Thank you Lady Michelle and Thank you Maitre Rem.

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