Jul 25, 2009

Update from our two last weeks in Scandinavia

Stockholm was like the car drive up to Stockholm – beautiful but very slow, grey and booooring. I’m more and more convinced after each trip to Sweden that sex is prohibited! It’s sooo different from Denmark (and all other countries I have visited in Europe). As I said beautiful but also with great sport tournaments. I guess that’s their replacement for sex since the Swedes are very good at sport – I just wish they had used some of all that Viking energy on some fun as well…

Well we got invited to the Swedish Open in tennis. Almost back to square one (geographically). The Swedish Open is played in a small summer resort called Bastad, just on the Danish border. It was great fun most of the time but the weather wasn’t too great. And of course – No sex!, so it was great getting back to Copenhagen for a last week in Scandinavia.

And Copenhagen didn’t disappoint us. We met a lesbian couple already on the ferry between Sweden and Denmark. We stayed on the ferry for less than 30 minutes but we managed to become good friends and they invited us to their condo in the very center of Copenhagen (where we stayed until we headed back to Thailand). They were sort of strange – both of them were very dominant and wanted us both (I and Hon) as their subs.

It ended up as a mix. Hon followed their directions a few time but most of the time she joined them using me as their little pet. I think I have walked nude (and when not totally nude - being forced to flash my pussy and tits almost everywhere),

And I have been fucked like never before. In parks, on the street, in a cemetery, on the train… but most of all, I’ve been fucked all the time! From I woke up until I closed my eyes (and also after that by the way). I’ve never been fucked this much in my life! Nothing kinky just fucked and fucked and fucked…


PS. Did I tell that Honey has received an offer about doing an erotic video blog for some mobile operators. How did they find her and why did they choose her? I’m really surprised – after all, she is not that exhibitionistic. But she did surprise me when she said YES to the offer.

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