Apr 2, 2009


This morning was different from all others – I DIDN’T GET AN ORGASM IN MY OFFICE WINDOW!
I arrived early (first day I can say I’m back on normal time after my weeks in Europe). I was the first person in the office.
I closed my door but I didn’t bother to lock it. I stripped nude and went up in the window. I knew I was early so I didn’t really expect my neighbor to see me immediately.
But she did. She came out on her balcony almost the same second as I displayed my body in the window.
I expected her to give me directions and I was not disappointed when she pointed at her phone.
She was about to give me a call.
I jumped down and waited. It felt like forever but I guess it didn’t take more than a minute before I received her call.
I was fingering myself BIG TIME while I talked with her. But the conversation didn’t turn out the way I expected.
She didn’t give me any orders at all – she told me that she had to leave for a meeting and that she was glad that I had arrived early so she could tell me.
I was really disappointed for a few seconds – until she asked me IF I wanted to see her in her apartment this afternoon.
IF I WANTED! What a question. Just asking me made me sooo wet that I almost cum!
She told me that she had a surprise for me.
We hang up and I was left with my feelings.

I really needed to cum (you can’t believe how wet I was) but I thought it was wrong to do it in the window after she had told me she couldn’t see me.
I decided to get an orgasm while watching some pic’s on the net.
I opened my Flickr account and looked at some of my friends pics.
One of them showed-off her pussy in a way that made me cum almost immediately after opening her page (I guess you know who you are – thanks for helping me).

It’s now 4.15 PM and I have just arrived back after having spent a few hours with my neighbor (and her friends).
She had arranged a surprise for me (I thought she should tell me to strip naked and masturbate on her balcony – I was so wrong).
First of all - she was not alone. Secondly: she and her friends were dressed for a masquerade (I wasn’t even sure which one was my neighbor)!
And third: they had arranged a wheel of fortune on her floor which they bound me to (widespread legs and arms) after having stripped me nude.

They turned the wheel and the one who had my pussy in front of her when it stopped could do whatever she wanted with me.
The first one wanted an orgasm so she placed her pussy right over my face and told me to lick her. Lucky me. She (and all the others) was well shaved. Not a single hair on her pussy. I liked her smell. It was the smell of a young girl. I tried to guess how old she was. I decided that she probably was a Uni student in her late teens or early twenties. She seemed a bit shy (even though I couldn’t see her face) and she certainly didn’t cum easy! But she did cum and left my face.

The wheel turned again. It stopped right between two of the girls. I thought they would turn it again but instead they decided to share me. The first one jumped up on my face (I had guessed she would) and the other went down between my legs. I couldn’t see what happened between my legs since I was fully occupied doing my work (this one had huge erotic pussy lips I really liked licking her) but she didn’t caress or rub my clit. I think she was watching how it looked like! It felt like going to a doctor exam! The one on my head asked if they should change places after she got her orgasm. I couldn’t hear an answer but they did change. The one who ha between my legs from the beginning really had a tight pussy. I had a hard time getting my tongue inside her! The good thing was that the other one not only had great pussy lips – her tongue and lips were great as well and she sure knew how to use them on my clit, pussy and ass. I cum twice before I managed to give her friend an orgasm!

They didn’t turn the wheel again. There was only one girl left.
And she didn’t want to sit on me. She wanted to fuck me! I don’t know when she put on the strap-on but she sure had one when she went down between my legs AND SHE WANTED TO USE IT HARD AND ROUGH! It was huge but she managed to get it inside my pussy before I had a chance to protest (I say thanks to the girl who gave me such a good time just before – I was still wet and my pussy was big, wide open and ready for more when the dildo was entered). She fucked me faster than any man has done and she moved her body sooo well (she managed to touch my tits every time she pushed her dildo inside – my nipples were so sensitive that each touch sent vibration throughout my body)! YES her dildo was actually TOO BIG FOR ME but I loved every minute of it! And I cum again for sure! I was screaming like a Siamese cat on heat!

I’m now back behind my desk. It wasn’t easy to walk back. My legs were shivering and my pussy hurt. But I don’t regret a second (I’m actually starring at my neighbors balcony hoping she will invite me for the night (I will not call her – I don’t want to push my luck).

Love Horny

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  1. I saw you in the window. At first I was looking out at the building next door but then, I saw a naked woman. She had her hand on her pussy. her breasts against the glass. I thought it was a dream. But, it was better. It was you. mmmmmm Mine came, sorry you did not cum as well.