Apr 21, 2009

Back at work!

I still haven’t met any of my staff but I’m ready for fight (and I will produce a little revenge on Hon by uploading some old pics of her so all the staff can see her as well when I tell them about my internet appearance).

I went up in the window this morning and it was sooo good.
The sun was warm and my body was wet and shining (I didn’t switch on the aircon when I arrived). It felt really good to touch myself.
I continued touching body much longer than I normally do. I was kneading my tits with one hand while I stretched my nipples with the other. It felt great.
I could feel how my pussy got wetter and wetter. My pussy juices started to drip between my spread legs.
I noticed my friend on the other side of the street. She was the only one watching me (at least what I could see).
I pressed my body against the hot window and moved it until the window was all wet.
I was ready to cum!
I pressed two fingers against my clit and started to move them hard and fast.
I cum seconds later!
I noticed my neighbor friend doing thumbs up. She had apparently guessed that I cum!
She raised two fingers like she was saying “please cum twice”. Sure I would.
I left the window for a sec to pick up my vibrator. I switched it on and inserted it slowly in my ass.
I pushed it in as deep as I could without touching my clit.
I let two fingers keep a constant press on the vibe while I started to rub my clit (and pussy) again.
The vibe got deeper and deeper inside me as I got more and more excited.
I kept the pressure on the vibe until it disappeared inside my ass.
I moved my left hand to my pussy. I inserted all my five fingers slowly as I rubbed my clit faster and faster.
I managed to get my entire hand inside. I moved it slowly around and in and out while I kept rubbing my clit faster and hard.
I cum again!
And I do understand that my neighbor gave me thumbs up for that orgasm. IT WAS AN EXPLOSION.
I’m still sweating after it as I sit here behind my computer and write this report.
I’m just to wet to dress. Lucky for me, it’s over 9AM and someone has switched on the aircon but I’m still sweating.
I will dress and face the staff when I have cooled down (and uploaded some pics of Hon).

Love Horny

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  1. Now that's more like the Horny Galore we all know and love. Now - the next thing to think about is the invite those people in your office you saw you - to join you nude. Try to expand "Casual Friday" to "Nude Friday" AND WHICH helps reduce your carbon footprint on the world. Nudism, after all, has benfits beyond personal sexual pleasure and its time the world learns that brand of responsablilty TOO! And you're a just the right person to lead the way >wink/smile<