Apr 19, 2009

I’ve just had my worst morning – EVER!

It actually started last Thursday when my sister brought some of my staff to a club where I did a show according to the wishes of a friend here on Flickr.
I was blindfolded so I didn’t see them but they said Good Bye when they left (and the passed so close to me that I’m sure they could have touched me).

I was too shy to face the situation last Friday.
I sneaked out of the office (only the receptionist noticed me) and left for a needed vacation in Chiang Mai.
I had two great days with sightseeing and massages.

I really felt I could face my sister and the other girls who saw me at the club when I arrived this morning.
I actually felt great when I woke up.
I didn’t want anything to change my life (especially not my little sister) so I decided to drive nude to the office (that really gives me a kick).
I was early and I managed to enter the office without being seen.
I went straight to my room.
I didn’t close my office door.

I opened my computer, checked my mail and wrote a few notes on Twitter before I went up in the window.
It felt great to be back to my normal life (masturbating in the window for my neighbors).
My neighbor friend came out on her balcony and I noticed the person behind the curtains as well.
It took me some time to cum but I enjoyed every bit of it!
My neighbor pointed at me all the time like she wanted to say something but I thought she pointed at something on my body.
I guessed she tried to tell me something about the strap on dildo with remote I used every day last week.
How stupid could I be?

The very minute I cum I heard people behind me clapping hands and screaming cum, cum, cum.
I turned around, Hon was there and so was the girls who had seen me in the club (I didn’t know it was them that time but they told me this was almost as good as the show last week).
But that was not enough; they screamed sooo loud that anyone who could enter the door did!
I guess there were 15 persons in my office before I managed to get dressed and leave!

I’m home now. I actually don’t know what to do.
Someone sent me a link to Susan Boyle on You Tube – that made me a bit happy, but still:
What shall I tell my staff?
I just don’t know what to do.
Shall I call them all for a meeting putting the cards on the table – or shall I ignore the entire situation?
I don’t know how to handle the situation!

Sorry for repeating myself.

Love Horny

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