Apr 8, 2009

An order from one of my friends on Flickr

I received the following order from one of my friends:

“You ask a call girl to come with you. and the two of you will put on a show for the guys. She will fist your cunt and you will eat her out. All the guys form a circle around you and jerk off. She has to catch their cum in a glöass and when everyone has finished rub it into your skin.”

How could I refuse to do it? It was certainly something I never tried before.
And yesterday was the perfect day to fulfill it. I had been at home all Monday (public holiday) doing nothing. I was boooored. I needed a challenge.
It wasn’t hard to find a call girl. I just had a look in the English newspaper and did a call (actually first time in my life so it was quite a thrill in itself).
The girl arrived within an hour. I wasn’t dressed when she arrived. We had a drink together while I explained my orders (and while she explored my tits – she was completely amazed by them)
She wasn’t shy and she understood the orders perfectly – and even more important, she said she knew exactly the right place to go.

I grabbed my bag and put on a pair of high heals and a short white dress. We left in a taxi in pouring rain! We were wet before we managed to get inside the taxi.
The taxi took us to the address my new friend had told him to drive to. We left the taxi. The rain was still pouring down. The place we went to was some sort of underground club for hookers. It’s hard to scare me but I must admit I wasn’t that tough when I went down the stairs to the cellar where the club was. My entire body was visible under my wet, white dress when we opened the door! I could as well have been naked.

The place was very small and there was a boxing ring/stage in the middle of the room. There were not more than 1-2 meters between the wall and the stage. And there were loads of (drunken) men and women mingling in that little area around the stage.

My new friend knew the owner (a little fat man in his late fifties). She told him why we were there and asked if he could announce our show. She didn’t need to ask him twice. The audience screamed and applauded as we entered the stage. My new friend removed my dress and presented me all four ways for the audience before she squeezed the water from my dress all over my body. She rolled my dress together like a rope and spanked my wet ass. She turned me around and spanked my tits and pussy. The audience loved it (some of them tried to come up on stage and touch me but my new friend was good at kicking them away). She continued spanking me until the music ended and she stripped nude as well. No doubt – that was what the audience had been waiting for, seeing the two of us nude together.

She was a very small girl with a very small body. No ass and no tits. I’m sure her weight wasn’t over 35-36 kg. She had short black hair with fringe and no pussy hair. She was very cute but I wouldn’t call her sexy. Well her looks didn’t tell her true story. She was a sex maniac! She placed her pussy right in front of my mouth as she wide spread my legs and started to lick my ass. WOW that was goooood. She kept on licking my ass (without touching my pussy or clit) until I was soaking wet while I licked her pussy and clit as fast as I could hoping that she should get an orgasm before me. The girl stopped licking me and asked one of the men to enter the stage and control IF my pussy was wet enough for her arm. That man had a great day for sure. He put his fingers inside my pussy and let them move in and out according to the audiences wishes; IN and OUT, IN and OUT they couldn’t get enough. He kept going until my new friend noticed that I was about to cum! She stopped him and concluded to the audience that my pussy was ready for her arm! Everybody laughed.

She moved her body around so I couldn’t lick her any longer and started to fist me. Her fisted hand was that small that it just felt like the dickhead on a very big dick! And her arm was that small that she could push it all way to her elbow! I have never seen such an amused audience. NEVER EVER! They were in ecstasy! She moved her arm in and out, faster and faster until I couldn’t keep my orgasm away any longer. I’m sure I never been screaming more! And she didn’t stop until she was sure she had put me to my absolute limits. I was exhausted BIG TIME when she moved her pussy over my face and started to move it forward and backwards over my head. She was certainly soaking wet as well – and it didn’t go long before I had her pussy juices all over my face! She moved her pussy away from my face for a while and lifted up my head so the audience could see how I looked – THEY LOVED IT!!! She continued pushing her pussy forwards and backwards until she cum. Not as loud as me, but certainly loud enough for the audience. They screamed of happiness and horniness!

My new friend invited 10 men up on stage. She had a tough time keeping all men away who wanted to be on stage so she decided that all men who wanted to be on stage should have the chance. She told the guys to form a circle around me and jerk off while she tried to catch their cum in a bowl. I don’t think she catch even 20% of all that sperm but it didn’t matter what much since it ended up on my nude body anyhow!

She walked around the stage with the bowl over her head after all men had cum. She might have missed most of the sperm but she sure had enough in the bowl for giving me a good sperm massage. She sat down besides me and started her massage – first only using all the sperm which already was on my body. She massaged my legs, my arms and my body. She continued until all the sperm on my body was well rubbed into my skin. She didn’t touch my face, tits or pussy. She asked if any in the audience wanted to help her massaging my tits and pussy. All the girls seemed to like that. She choose a small girl and asked her to remove her clothes before started to help. The audience was in ecstasy again. They wanted to see that girl nude. They kept screaming take it off; take it off until she finally did. Her body was almost identical to my new friend’s body, small, skinny, no breasts and no ass. And lucky for me, a bald pussy!

The two girls spread most of the sperm on my tits and pussy. My new friend massaged my tits and the other girl rubbed clit, pussy and ass. I’m sure they continued rubbing me much longer than needed (I noticed them smiling to each other like they had a secret pact). My new friend did a good job with my tits (and nipples). She did it sooo well that I could have cum of that treatment only but I guess she didn’t get a chance to show her skills since the other girl was very determined that she should give me an orgasm while rubbing my clit. Of course I cum. How could I keep it? The two girls did high five before they poured the rest of the sperm all over my face and hair! My new friend massaged my face gently while the other girl made sure every part of my hair was soaked with sperm!

The show was over. My two new friends dressed while they told me to stay naked and walk to each person in the audience and say thank you for the pleasure. I did as ordered while my new friend waited on stage. She helped me to dress when I came back on stage and we left shortly after.

But the night wasn’t over. My new friend thought it was too easy just going home and have a shower. We should go to a high end bar and have some drinks first! She took me to a very popular place called Spasso. I real high society place with many foreigners as well. I could see how people watched me. Who wouldn’t! My hair was soaked with sperm and my entire smelled like hell! But worst of all, my dress was still quite transparent so I looked like an open invitation and I sure got many offers – but everyone left after a while in my company. My odor was just too bad!

We left Spasso. I paid the girl and took a cab back home – alone!
Thanks for giving me this new experience.

Love Horny

PS. I will write about this morning a bit later. Must do some work first.

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