Apr 20, 2009

Staying home today!

Still feeling bad after yesterday’s porn show for my staff – how could Hon do that to me???

My first thoughts were to leave Bangkok and fly back to Hong Kong.
But that wouldn’t work. What should I tell my parents?

I have to stay and I will have to go to work tomorrow.
Staying home makes it even worse. I’m sure all staffs having a cheap laugh on my behalf.
And I’m 100% sure they gossip more and more all the time.
Only one solution: I have to call my staff for a meeting and tell them about how I live my life.

I will update you again after my staff meeting

Love Horny

PS. I will continue being the woman I am. I’m strong and I can face the music!

1 comment:

  1. Horny my Goddess, I'm disapointed. By now you should be enjoying going nude so much that you crave and try to every chance you get. Embrace this as the best thing life has to offer. Push the boundries of both public and yourself to make it more accepted. Think of yourself as the greatest SEX gift in the world to people espcially your lesbian friends. Help them learn the joys of living nude and open masturbation. You have done great so far. Please don't stop.