Apr 8, 2009

Nude to the office - AGAIN!

I drove nude to the office this morning again. It’s sooo thrilling that I get wet just thinking of it. I didn’t get eye contact with anyone this morning and no street vendor had a look at my pussy and tits but it was good anyhow. The traffic was slow, very slow but without starts and breaks. It was the perfect rhythm for me. I managed to cum twice while I drove! Ha, ha. What a morning! And it didn’t get worse when I arrived in my office (first as always). I undressed on the way to my room and was nude long before I arrived. I went straight to the window where I soon after my arrival got yet another orgasm. I was sooo wet after having been in the window that I had to visit the ladies room and clean myself.

I went back to my room, still nude and updated my twitter. I chatted a few minutes before I went back to the window (with my office door still open). I was sooo curious to see if the person behind the curtains would be there this morning as well - and my neighbor friend of course (none of them were there when I went up in the window the first time). I knew where to look and that might be the reason why I didn’t see the two boys sitting on the roof terrace immediately (they might have been there other times as well since I never looked that direction before). They were so naughty. They kept on doing charades with their hands and arms telling me what to do and what they wanted to do (with me). I pointed at them so my neighbor friend could see what was going on (she was on her balcony) but I guess it was impossible for her to see them.

It was obvious that the boys wanted to fuck me so I gave them the second best – I fucked myself with a vibe while they watched. They mooned me and I got the message alright. They wanted me to fuck my ass as well. Well I didn’t have any more vibrators available but I remembered the fruit plate in the reception. I told them and my neighbor (and the person who don’t dare to show his/her face who at that time had crawled up behind his/her curtains again) one minute with my fingers. I run as fast as I could to the reception (my staff could arrive any minute). I grabbed a banana and an empty coke bottle and run back to my office. I closed and locked my door before I went up in the window. My audience was waiting. I inserted the coke bottle in my pussy. I moved it in and out until it was really, really wet. I moved it to my ass where I slowly pushed it half way in. I kept the bottle in place (moving it slowly in and out with my fingers) while I fucked myself with the vibrator. My pussy was sooo widened (and wet) at that time that it was hard to get an orgasm. I continued like that for at least 10 minutes before I finally cum (I hope no one in the office heard me).

My orgasm was apparently good and easy to see. Both boys were applauding and laughing and gave me thumbs up. My neighbor (who I’m sure was not aware of the other spectators) smiled and threw a kiss at me. It was the perfect start of a tough work day (I have so much I must achieve today).

Love Horny

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