Apr 22, 2009

Nude lunch break in my office window!

I didn’t have time for my normal morning masturbation in the window. I was late and had meetings booked from 9 AM.
I’m really fond of my morning time in the window. It has become a good habit I can’t live without.
I couldn’t concentrate the last part of the meeting so I asked my sister to take our clients for lunch.
They left I gave me the needed time to recover from my abstinences.
I locked my door and stripped nude as soon as I entered my own office.
I wrote a note in Twitter before I went up in the hot, sunny window.
A very different feeling being there for lunch.
Loads of people leaving and entering the building. I tried to see Hon and our clients without luck.
I noticed several by passers watching my way but I doubt they saw me.
It’s hard to see through the windows in bright sunshine.
No one watching me on the other side of the road. Well I couldn’t expect anything else.
How could my neighbors know that I should be in the window for lunch?
But it wasn’t bad at all. I got excited watching all the people below and seeing that some actually watched in my direction.
It only took me a few minutes to cum.

I’m now back behind my desk writing this report using one finger only – my left hand is still playing with my pussy.
I feel sooo good and relaxed.
I will be a much better business woman this afternoon.

Love Horny

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