Apr 9, 2009

I had to stop beside a bus! It made me so shy and embarrassed!

I just had to drive nude to my office again (it might have been my last nude drive for a while). Everything worked as the other mornings. The traffic was slow. I fingered myself as much as I could while driving but most important – I had a great time at every traffic light except the last one! As I said it worked so well all the way until the traffic lights where I’m supposed to turn left for coming up on the street where I work. I was just about to pass a bus as the lights turned red. I was in the outer line of the two turning left. And I had to stop. There was an officer watching me!

Well the officer wasn’t a big problem. He was too far away to see my nude body – but the bus passengers were not! And they were sitting so high above me that every person could see my nude body! And stupid of me – my dress was in my bag – IN THE TRUNK! I had nothing to cover me with! I just had to wait it out. Do you know how long time the lights are red in Thailand? Up to 5 minutes! I was so embarrassed I couldn’t finger myself!

It was the relief of a lifetime when the lights turned green and I could leave my embarrassment! I drove as fast as I could to my office (just a few minutes away from the traffic lights), parked the car, opened the trunk and got dressed!

I didn’t undress on the way to my office (as I use to do). Instead I made sure my office door was closed and well locked behind me before I finally sat down in my chair. I noticed my dress was sticking to my body. I took it off. My body was completely wet! And so was my pussy. Strange how this combination of being scared and thrilled turns me on. I started to finger myself without thinking of it. I didn’t realize what I was doing until I saw my friend neighbor on her balcony. It was not fair – I should be doing this in the window. I grabbed a vibrator from my bag and went up to do my show.

I don’t know what’s going in that building it seems like they all talk with each other – THERE WERE PEOPLE ON SEVEN BACONNIES starring my direction! I got sooo shy! I like to be watched but it sure felt strange being nude in front of all those neighbors! But it shouldn’t stop me! I must be tough.

I put on my best smile and inserted the vibrator in my pussy. No big deal I was so wet that it almost went inside by itself. I switched it on and forgot all the neighbors instantly! I instantly realized how much I needed to cum! I enjoyed every minute before I cum. I stayed in the window for a while (without looking in the direction of the neighboring building) slowly fingering myself after I had removed the vibrator. I felt sooo good and relaxed and I needed that after the morning drive.

I didn’t notice (or think of) my neighbors until I finally came back to my full senses. I could see many of them laughing and several pointing at my pussy as they wanted me to do more. I decided not to. I waved farewell and left the window.

My neighbor friend called before I got dressed asking why I didn’t stay longer. I told her about my morning and said that she was welcome to invite me home any time IF she wanted to see more.
Let’s see what happens.

Love Horny

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