Apr 8, 2009

Dear Robert (and all others)

Thanks for your mail about what I should do during my long weekend. I’m not really sure which long weekend you’re talking about (we just had a 3 day weekend and we’re getting a 5 day weekend starting Saturday this week) so I thought I should fulfill at least part of your orders when I went to work this morning.

It’s not normal for me to drive to work but I decided to do it just to fulfill part of what you asked for. I packed my dress and shoes in my bag and left my house completely naked. It’s only a 10-15 minutes walk to my office – but it is a long drive, at least 30-45 min on the busiest streets. The traffic was slow and jerky as it is every morning so I had to hold both hands on the steering wheel. I’m sorry I could only finger myself when I was waiting for red lights. The good part is that the lights are red for a very, very long time in Bangkok. I got eye contact with the driver of another car already at the first traffic light. I don’t think he noticed that I was nude (the most he could see from his angle would be the very top of my tits – if anything at all) but it was still a great thrill sitting there with a finger in my pussy and watching him. I cum before the lights turned green (and did a big mark on my seat since I didn’t have anything to clean it with).

I didn’t see him any more during my drive to the office and I didn’t make eye contact with any others either (I did my best but everyone was apparently occupied with their morning things, whatever that is when they are sitting in a car). But I did finger myself each time I was stuck at a red light. I didn’t cum any more but I was very, very close once when a young street vendor pushed his face against my door window. He certainly saw everything! My tits, my pussy and how I fingered myself! He kept on knocking on the window but I ignored him. I was too occupied by what I was doing and I didn’t want his papers. Unfortunately it turned green before I managed to cum!

I parked the car on the top floor. I was the first parking on that floor and that was my intention. I went out of my car fully naked and put on my dress and high heals before I headed for the elevators.
I was ready for a day at the office but I didn’t feel ready. I was wet and hot. I needed that orgasm I didn’t manage to get at the traffic lights.

I was the first person in the office. I stripped nude on my way to my room. I didn’t even bother about closing the door before I went up in the window and started to finger myself. I knew I was a bit early for expecting to see my neighbor on the other side of the street. But I kept watching her balcony as I fingered myself faster and harder until I finally cum! I stayed in the window for a while watching the traffic below. It took a while before I realized that the air-condition wasn’t switched on. I went out in the production room without getting dressed. It was very hot. I switched on all the air-conditions on 20 degrees and went back to my office! It would take a while before the office cooled down. I closed my door and locked it. I didn’t want to get dressed before my body was cooled down.

I went back to the window to feel the air-condition coming up between my legs (it’s in the window panels). It was such an erotic feeling. I got horny again and that was good since my office neighbor came out on her balcony greeting me with her hands. She pointed at my pussy as telling me to start masturbating. She couldn’t know that I had cum once already so I did as she ordered me to do. I guess you can imagine how hard it was to cum again (I don’t claim it was very, very hard but not that easy either). I had already received two orgasms! I could see that she liked it (taking long time). I’m sure she wants my morning show to continue for hours if possible. But she was not the only one watching me this morning! I noticed a person behind his/her curtains watching as well. That made me very, very horny and I cum shortly after I noticed that new voyeur!

I sent two hand kisses as a thank you. One in direction of my normal neighbor and one in direction of the new person. I really wanted him/her to understand that I had noticed his/her presence.
I’m sooo thrilled. I can barely wait for tomorrow morning. I really want that person to be there again and I will do everything for making him/her coming out on the balcony.

Love Horny and thanks for a good morning.

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